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wants to volunteer
posted 2018-12-12 00:05:23 -0800
commented on Filtering for membership and membership status for more than one membership
We have more than 50 memberships in our database. Each one has a very specific meaning. We need to be able to filter easily on Membership type & the status linked only to this membership type. (same as descriped above). How can we do this directly in the filter option of NB (exporting and matching CSB are not an option)
posted 2017-11-20 08:18:23 -0800
commented on How do we hide the obsolete/confusing "party member" field now that we're using Memberships?
Can this discussion be reopened? Because we find it also a very disturbing way of working. Such a central place in your people dashboard & very confusing.
posted 2017-10-16 11:41:41 -0700