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Mastering effective fundraising with NationBuilder Payments

Your mission is at the heart of everything you do. But are you maximizing your potential to drive real change? Dive into the tool that not only simplifies the donation process but also enhances every aspect of your supporter engagement strategy.

June 11, 2024
4 min read

Imagine a world where every online payment processed seamlessly integrated with your supporter management system, resulting in more successful fundraising, increased supporter engagement, and ultimately, a more powerful movement. Sounds ideal, right? Well, this isn’t just a dream — it's the reality for organizations worldwide using NationBuilder Payments in their fundraising strategies.

At NationBuilder, we provide the all-in-one suite of the tools you need to organize and deepen your relationship with your supporters. From CRM and CMS to outreach and payments, using an integrated system like NationBuilder is far more efficient than tying different products together. That efficiency means that your team can focus on accomplishing your mission instead of wasting time on tools that weren’t designed to work well with each other.

Whether you’re just starting with NationBuilder or have been part of the community for years, there’s one game-changing fundraising tool you might be missing out on: NationBuilder Payments. In 2023 we found that the customers who used NationBuilder Payments to process their donations experience better fundraising success than customers who use a third party payment processor. And that improved performance isn’t limited to fundraising!

How? Let us count the ways:

1. Customers using NationBuilder Payments enjoy better authorization rates.

Your authorization rate is the percentage of donations that succeed after your supporters submit their payment details. The better your authorization rate, the more revenue your organization will bring in. 

In 2023, NationBuilder Payments had an average authorization rate that was 2% better than the industry average and a whopping 116% better than the authorization rates seen by customers using a 3rd party processor! 

2. Better authorization rates mean more, longer-lasting, recurring donations.

The higher your authorization rate, the more likely it is that your recurring donations will succeed consistently over the life of that recurring series and the easier it is for supporters to become new recurring donors. 

We see that reality reflected in the numbers: in 2023, customers fundraising on NationBuilder Payments saw 70% more new recurring donations and 154% more new recurring revenue than the average customer using a 3rd party processor.

3. Donors are more likely to stay engaged and continue supporting your organization.

When someone makes an investment in an organization by becoming a recurring donor, they’re making a commitment to support you and your mission in the long term, and that commitment isn’t limited to making donations!

Customers who fundraised on NationBuilder Payments in 2023 also had more active supporters, with 92% more individual actions taken (e.g. contacting lawmakers, signing petitions, volunteering, and setting up personal fundraising pages).

4. Donors are more likely to join peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns on your behalf.

When your supporters are excited enough about your mission to make a long term financial contribution, they’re also more likely to invite their friends and neighbors to take the same step.

In 2023, customers on NationBuilder Payments raised 157% more revenue with peer-to-peer fundraising on their supporters’ personal fundraising pages. They also had 24% more supporters volunteer to become fundraisers!

5. As a result, customers using NationBuilder Payments raise more money.

Higher authorization rates lead to more successful donation attempts, resulting in more one-time and recurring donations, and more supporters fundraising for you. Is it a surprise that this means raising more money?

In 2023, the average customer actively fundraising on NationBuilder Payments raised 81% more revenue than their counterparts using other payment processors. Even better, NationBuilder Payments’ rates are also very competitive, meaning that you keep more of the money you raise!

6. And all of that helps grow your movement!

Over the course of 2023, the number of contactable supporters for customers fundraising with NationBuilder Payments increased by 13.86% while customers using 3rd party payment processors saw an increase of only 9.34%. More efficiency means more growth, period.

Donations are critical for the long term health of your organization, but it’s not all about getting someone’s credit card number. Donating is just one way that your supporters help you achieve your mission. They also sign petitions, attend events, volunteer, engage with lawmakers, run their own fundraisers for you, and more. All of these actions depend on your supporters valuing your mission and trusting you to accomplish it. 

Our findings prove that NationBuilder’s seamless payment processor integration, with all of its other world-class organizing tools, brings the kind of efficiencies that allow leaders like you to see a virtuous cycle: recruiting more supporters leads to more actions taken, which then leads to stronger fundraising, which leads us back to higher quality, more impactful, campaigns.  

Are you ready to expand your potential with NationBuilder payments? Learn more about how your mission can benefit from the all-in-one integrated software – and competitive pricing – by joining the NationBuilder team for a live demo throughout the week or get started right away with a two week free trial.


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Pete Welsch

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