commented on Pages of type redirect should have target="_blank" as an option
This would be extremely useful for my site. I have dozens of redirects linked to sliders (because you can only link sliders to internal page slugs, and I need to link them to external sites). This needs to be user-friendly for non-technical site admins.
posted 2018-01-17 09:54:40 -0800
Q: How satisfied are you with the final deliverable of the project?
A: Extremely satisfied
posted 2018-01-16 13:59:34 -0800
commented on Add feature that allows a redirect page to open in a new window
Definitely would help immensely to have this be a simple checkbox in redirect page settings.
posted 2017-10-13 13:38:34 -0700
tagged Doug Hunt's Better WYSIWYG editor and media upload/management with important to me
posted 2017-03-24 11:41:59 -0700
commented on Add ability to add image captions through WYSIWYG editor
Surprised to see the <figcaption> tags are stripped out when I try to ad them. </figcaption>
posted 2016-08-31 18:46:24 -0700
commented on Event auto response email to include shift details
People cancel their shift sign-ups because the auto-response message is so confusing.
posted 2016-07-19 07:29:47 -0700
commented on Event: Pay at the door
This would solve a LOT of problems. I used to be able to do it.
posted 2015-11-21 14:13:58 -0800
commented on new recurring donation function on same page as donation page
This issue was first posted three years ago, and there has been no real progress made, and no promise of any fix for this. Very curious.
posted 2015-12-21 13:45:10 -0800
commented on "Total RSVPs" column in event RSVP export
I’m getting questions from staff on this now also.
posted 2012-04-02 15:09:57 -0700
commented on Listing Tickets purchased in event receipts
I agree this is a needed feature. People are confused that they get no detail in the receipt, and are contacting me to find out if we are tracking the ticket purchases correctly.
posted 2013-04-13 10:06:52 -0700
commented on Duplicate records due to Sign in interface
I agree the default templates could be better in this area, and checking to see if the email address is already registered is standard behavior for many websites.
posted 2012-06-23 12:57:36 -0700