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VoteRockIt began as a NationBuilder app partner by creating an app platform for those who want to share their message virally, effectively and in real time. This includes 501(c)(3)s, elected officials, bond initiatives and candidates. VoterockIt allowed organizations and campaigns to quickly launch a mobile presence on Android and iOS.

The original product launched by VoteRockIt included a news feed, mobile donations, video library, user profiles, chat rooms, geo-fencing based push notifications and election countdown.

Now they have expanded their app's functionality with fully mobile canvassing. VoteRockIt’s mobile canvassing allows you to sync your NationBuilder data with their app and view a detailed map of your prospective voters. Volunteers can log in and view their turf and assignments while the administrators can cut turf and monitor volunteer progress in the field.


The NationBuilder integration not only pulls your prospective voters into VoteRockIt’s mobile app, it also pulls in surveys so volunteers can ask questions from your survey in addition to reading a script or anything else the campaign wants to put in front of them. In addition, VoteRockIt has the following unique features:

  • Volunteers can self assign an area to crowdsource canvassing.

  • Real time analytics available to admins.

  • Fastest route regardless of rural area or unusual grouping of homes.


VoteRockIt provides the political market with an easy to use and affordable platform to make canvassing convenient, easy to use, and mobile. Learn out more about VoteRockIt on their app directory listing.

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