If you work on NationBuilder themes often, you may have noticed your changes have been taking a tiny bit longer to appear on your sites when you're not logged in. We've made some changes to the way that we cache public pages to increase our ability to handle large volumes of traffic, and these changes may very slightly delay how long it takes for your changes to appear across all pages of your website. 

Caching doesn't apply to pages viewed using preview mode or while logged in, so we strongly recommend using one of these two options to view your theme changes. If you're noticing that users who aren't logged in aren't seeing the changes you've made after a couple of minutes you can manually clear you cache (rather than waiting) by going to website > site settings > clear cache.

A good rule of thumb that I learned while on the Frontline team is that if there is any difference at all between logged in and logged out clear the cache! It's the answer 99.9% of the time! 



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