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After lots of great community feedback, we're excited to launch the first round of enhancements to the WYSIWYG (or what you see is what you get) editor in NationBuilder — making it faster and easier to create webpages and email blasts. This upgrade cleans up the interface, improves table management, and makes email blast formatting more consistent.

There are a few noteworthy workflow improvements. You can now:

  • Paste content directly from Word and keep its formatting
  • Use standard keyboard shortcuts or browser menus to copy (⌘ + c), paste (⌘ + v), bold (⌘ + b), italicize(⌘ + i), hyperlink (⌘ + k), and more  (you can also use your right-click menu)
  • Align images using the alignment buttons (left, center, right), rather than the image settings menu
  • Display menu options by right clicking where you want to make changes

This is just the beginning of our improvements to the content creation experience. We’re planning to continue adding better functionality throughout the first part of the year.

If you want to dig into the new WYSIWYG, Taylor Pineiro and Katy McCreery are hosting a webinar on January 3rd.

Thanks for being a part of NationBuilder,

Ben Handzo

VP of Product

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