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Here at NationBuilder, we consider organizing one of the world's most important jobs (and I'm not just writing that because my title is "chief organizer"). Savvy organizers are key to success, whether you're a community group trying to get a stop sign placed, an artist building a fan base, or a U.S. presidential candidate. Organizers bring people together around common goals and move them to action using a unique blend of charisma, strategy and art. 

NationBuilder is pleased to announce a new interview show, "Leaders and Creators," focused on the best of the best in this important profession. We'll talk to folks who've built nationwide canvassing operations, who've worked to bring democracy to the most dangerous corners of our world, and to the folks political leaders look to for the critical data analysis it takes to win campaigns. I'll be your regular host, drawing from my experience as a journalist and host and producer of Gov 2.0 Radio, with regular co-host help from a handful of online's brightest minds.

Leaders and Creators launches on Nov. 6, and you won't want to miss an episode. Sign up above for episode updates by email, RSS or on iTunes.

And, if you've got an organizer in mind that we must interview, let me know at adriel at, using "podcast" in the subject line.

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