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Over the past eleven years, NationBuilder’s community has been an essential part of our growth and evolution as we’ve worked toward our vision of a world where everyone can create what they are meant to create. That community is made up not only of our team and our partners, but also the thousands of customers we serve around the world. We see our responsibility to that community as not only building the software tools they need to lead, but also helping them get the support and guidance to use those tools effectively. 

A critical part of supporting our customers is ensuring they can get qualified, talented help, whether that’s by finding short-term assistance on a project or hiring full-time team members. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to announce two major initiatives to help our community do both of those things—and to make it easier than ever for people who know and love NationBuilder to turn their passion into a career. 

We’re coming out of elections in several parts of the world, and a lot of change is happening quickly. With organizations winding down, spinning up, and changing their focus, and with thousands of people looking for new opportunities, we can be of service by helping our community make the most of the opportunities this time presents.

Community Jobs Board 

Our community jobs board features job listings for NationBuilder partners, customers, and even NationBuilder itself, allowing you to submit a post directly for the role you aim to fill. Whether you’re looking to hire a database administrator, organizer, website manager, or something else, you can post your listing in this dedicated space for finding talent with the skills you need for the role. 

If you’re an individual looking for work, you can sign up to receive regular updates on new listings, and you can find descriptions of open roles and the contact information to reach out to the organization that’s hiring. Better yet, you can get certified as a NationBuilder Expert and share your certification with prospective employers to help you get a leg up on other applicants. 

New Expert certification 

The NationBuilder Expert program was created in 2012 to allow skilled NationBuilder users to get certified for their knowledge in a way that would help them advance their careers—whether in their current role, in their search for a new one, or as a consultant selling their services to clients. Over the years we’ve discovered that by trying to serve both the needs of professionals and the needs of consultants within the same program, we’ve missed some opportunities to maximize the impact for each group.

That’s why we’re changing our approach and creating two distinct tracks for Expert certification to ensure we meet both needs. We now offer two types of certification: one for professionals looking to highlight their skills, and one for consultants looking to work with organizations using NationBuilder. 

The Professional certification is for people who have built their skills with the software and want to highlight that knowledge on their resume. Once certified, Professionals get access to a personal Expert profile on that they can share with potential or current employers to validate that they can set up, use, and implement best practices with NationBuilder. 

The Consultant certification is for those who want to sell their services to NationBuilder customers and help them get set up, work on a specific campaign, or lead a project. Once certified, Consultants don’t just get access to a public profile; they’ll also be featured in our Experts directory so they can be matched with prospective clients.

At NationBuilder, we believe that everyone has something unique to contribute in this world, and we know that the hard work of building the future can’t be done alone. We’re excited to take two big steps toward connecting our community of leaders with the people who can help them realize their vision. We can’t wait to see what you create together.

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