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HandyNation is an iOS and Android mobile application developed by Social Benchers, a NationBuilder certified Agency. You can use HandyNation to bring your NationBuilder control panel to your device—look through your nation’s database of records and donors, log contacts, create and modify records, and even create and edit pages, blogs, and events on your public site, all on the go.

To get started using the app, follow these steps:

1. Integrate

First, you need to register on the HandyNation website. Next, download the application from Google Play or Apple’s AppStore. Once the app installs, select it and you will be prompted to login to your nation. Enter your nation’s credentials when prompted and authentication will be complete. 

2. Access your people database

HandyNation provides access to your people database in your nation.


From here you can find records, edit records, and log the following activities which will sync to your nation in real time:

  • Log donations
  • Log contacts
  • Create private notes
  • Set priority
  • Set support level
  • Add to lists
  • Create tags


3. Donor database

You also have access to your donor database to view individual donations and create new ones.

4. Website

NationBuilder allows you to have multiple websites tied to a single database. With HandyNation, you can toggle between those websites and view basic pages, events, blogs, and blog posts through the mobile application. You can create new or edit existing pages, events, and blogs through the app.


As a beta launch, HandyNation offers free membership to all NationBuilder customers till September 15, 2018. To learn more about the app, check it out in our app directory , our recorded walk through or review their website.


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