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Leaders advocating for change can build powerful support for their causes using technology, but often run into significant challenges dealing with complex and difficult-to-use tools. In a landscape where every message counts, embracing solutions that simplify, integrate, and equip is not just beneficial—it's essential. 

That’s why ActionButton and NationBuilder originally joined forces, and today we’re thrilled to share that you can now access ActionButton directly in the NationBuilder control panel! This will further streamline the workflow of busy teams, making it easier than ever to mobilize your supporters, equip your advocates to contact legislators, and drive meaningful policy change.

Advocacy efforts are often thwarted by complex tools, fragmented systems, and limited ease of use for advocates. Here are some of the frequent pain points that ActionButton + NationBuilder solves for people running advocacy programs (and organizations!): 

  • Advocacy programs need to react quickly to ensure advocates can take action in a moment's notice. Many current tools require both advanced technical investment and significant implementation time. ActionButton is built to create ease of use for your team.
  • You need to be nimble and act fast, and when your tools don’t speak to each other, you leave advocates on the table. Without integrated software, measuring your impact can seem (and often is!) impossible. ActionButton and NationBuilder integrate seamlessly to equip you with the data you need.
  • Your advocates are busy and when you need them to take action it has to be smooth, simple, and fast. Don’t make it hard for your community to support your mission with hard to use advocacy tools. ActionButton is designed to encourage your advocates to take action.

From quizzes to sentiment polls, voter registration to contacting legislators, ActionButton is a simple yet powerful way to find and engage supporters. And together with NationBuilder, those initial actions can become pathways of engagement that help leaders build flourishing communities.

For more information, learn what ActionButton and NationBuilder can do together, or head to your control panel to activate today!

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