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Panel discussion: How leaders of all kinds organise in response to the pandemic

Community organising initiatives in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have flourished across the world, providing support and care to the most exposed and vulnerable. NationBuilder is currently contributing by offering free accounts to those organising the emergency response. The beneficiaries of our programme have already been able to achieve a lot, under multiple forms and at different levels. This panel highlights some of the initiatives that are helping communities in Europe using NationBuilder: why they started, how they operate and what role technology is playing in the implementation of their strategies.


  • Mariana Spada, WeGotYou - helps connect volunteers with neighbours stuck at home
  • Iona Lawrence, Connection Coalition - builds strong relationships in times of physical distancing
  • Oliver Wells, Tooting Together - initiative run by local residents who are pitching in for their community
  • Philip How, Stratford-upon-Avon Support - town council and town trust initiative coordinating the emergency response