commented on Customize your walk+call sheet themes in NationBuilder
Would it be possible to get a compact canvassing walk sheet? The walk sheets don’t need to repeat the words “Results”, “Support level”, and so on for each person on the sheet; those need to be printed once at the top of each page only. Should be able to cram about twice as many people per page as your themes currently do.
posted 2014-05-09 09:25:57 -0700
commented on Can I do mobile canvassing with NationBuilder?
Electionear/Organizer has a salesman/RFP/big corporation approach to making sales – hold the customer upside down and shake them until the money stops falling out, then that’s how much it costs. Their minimum pricing is a few hundred $ per month… I think what most Nationbuilder customers are going to be looking for is a simple, easy-to-use, inexpensive way to canvass with mobile devices and Nationbuilder. This is pretty obviously something that should be built into Nationbuilder itself. seems to be broken currently and Electionear is bespoke and expensive. Where’s the Nationbuilder URL that I simply load in a mobile device and start canvassing? For people that are running a mega-campaign with layers of field directors and whatnot, maybe a mega-solution is needed. But for a very large group of other people, basic canvassing is all that is necessary…
posted 2014-01-07 12:01:46 -0800
commented on Contact Scripts
I would find this useful. I would suggest a page to manage call scripts, including copying an existing script and modifying it and saving it with a different name, and the ability to select any of the existing scripts to accompany any sort of bulk calling task. If you’re cunning you could print the script as part of a printed walk list as well.
posted 2013-01-01 08:41:32 -0800
commented on Easily remove "supporters" harvested from incoming SPAM
Political candidates often get emails with 500 other political candidates cc’ed on the email. Nationbuilder sucks all of the cc’ed addresses in as supporters, even though none of those people have ever lifted a finger to indicate they support this nation. This is wrong and should be corrected.
posted 2014-09-29 07:11:26 -0700
commented on Introducing Subnations: Empower your local groups with their own nations
Are supporters or voter file data shared up or down between nations and subnations? If not why not? :)
posted 2012-07-18 09:11:48 -0700
commented on NationBuilder Email spam filter
This is an important, obvious, and trivial feature for Nationbuilder to implement. Spamassassin is free. I’m not sure how anyone can offer email services without having this in place from day 1. We currently get about one spam per day, so about once per day I think to myself about this shortcoming of Nationbuilder.
posted 2014-01-09 13:42:34 -0800
commented on Stripe Payment Gateway
I understand you can’t integrate everything, but Stripe is in many ways superior to Paypal, and I suspect that as time goes on, you’ll receive an increasing number of requests to add it as a supported option.
posted 2012-11-25 12:33:21 -0800