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The People section just got smarter. Now you can create a universe and engage everyone in that universe within the same browser window.

people section

A few ways the new single person view simplifies event planning and followup:

  • Want to reach out to recent donors and invite them to an event? Create a filter click on the funnel to begin filtering and use single person view click the person icon to view individual profiles to log a contact, RSVP for the event, and accept ticket payment over the phone.
  • Did you remember that only 50% of RSVPs typically show up to an event? Target them for reminder phone calls and log the contact.
  • After the event, beef up your online engagement by inviting attendees to join a rapid response team. 

Using single person view, you can edit all aspects of a profile before moving onto the next person in the filter. Consider using this workflow rather than call view or data entry view in a list.

Since you'll never need to open multiple browser windows, you'll also find this is a better alternative to Dashboard > Followup view. 

Let us know how you streamline community engagement. 


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