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This is a guest post written by Jeb Ory, co-founder of Phone2Action - a robust advocacy platform that integrates with NationBuilder. Jeb explains how organizations are effectively leveraging both Phone2Action and NationBuilder to create an end-to-end solution for community growth:

Two years ago, Eme Crawford, director of advocacy for Tell Them, a leading women’s health advocacy organization in South Carolina, would be experiencing sleepless nights leading up to the group’s annual lobby day on March 16. Her anxiety would have stemmed from the pressure of corralling hundreds of out-of-town supporters to the State House in Columbia for the day. There would be lots remote coordinating. Travel, accommodations, schematics...

Oh, did I mention that supporters need to meet up in the same location, at the same time? Not a task for the faint of heart.  

Today, sleepless nights and worry are not an issue for Eme and the Tell Them staff. 

Here’s why:

Two years ago, the team began using the Phone2Action-NationBuilder integrated platform. By combining Phone2Action’s civic engagement technology with NationBuilder’s website and constituent management system, the group has significantly reduced time spent coordinating arrivals for lobby day, and are focused more on what matters most: maximizing the voices of the constituents. Combining the platforms has enabled Tell Them to create and power the most influential reproductive health movement in the state.


There are literally seven different actions Tell Them supporters can take no matter where they are. In just a few clicks on, anyone can: 

1.     Join the organization’s South Carolina reproductive health network;

2.     Email state legislators about important health issues; 

3.     Connect via phone to legislators;

4.     Tweet at legislators to remind them to vote appropriately on issues;

5.     Arrange to meet legislators face-to-face and thank them for supporting said issue;

6.     Write a personal story about how South Carolina’s laws impact them;

7.     Donate money to Tell Them to further the great work they’re doing.

According to Jay Godfrey, Managing Director of Enterprise Sales at NationBuilder, "Phone2Action's integration with NationBuilder is pretty incredible for grassroots advocacy, because each one provides a key piece of the puzzle. NationBuilder allows you to find, engage, and activate supporters. While, Phone2Action gives supporters something meaningful and powerful to do on your behalf. And the experience of moving from engagement to action is seamless."

In 2015, the organization sent more than 5,000 messages to state officials on a range of issues, across more than a dozen campaigns.  

Are you engaged in critical public policy campaigns or advocacy initiatives? If so, signup for a demo, today. The Phone2Action-NationBuilder integrated platform is designed to give you and your supporters digital tools that instantly create powerful change anywhere in the world.  


South Carolina’s leading reproductive health advocacy organization, Tell Them, strike a group pose during their 2015 lobby day event at the Columbia Statehouse

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