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2020 was a year of unprecedented challenges, but despite those challenges it was also a year of innovation, creativity, and growth in ways nonprofits might not have imagined. 

But now that 2021 is here, the question on everyone’s mind is: how do I plan for and kick off a new year that’s filled with uncertainty? And the answer starts with applying what you’ve already learned. 2020 taught us all how to adjust, stay flexible, and improvise. Those aren’t tactics you should limit to times of crisis. The attitude you learned to adopt this last year will help optimize any strategy you’re planning––any day, month or year.

And powerful digital tools can equip you to back up that ready-for-anything mentality.  In the next few weeks, we’re covering how the right digital infrastructure can equip you to handle whatever comes your way in the upcoming year. We’ll share how you can prep so that mobilizing your supporter base at a moment’s notice is always an option. Donations? Volunteers? Petition signatures? We’ll review how to identify who to reach out to––and for what. We’ll also explore how these digital tools can streamline how you move your supporters from initial interest to involvement and keep them engaged long-term with email comms catered to their journey with your organization.

Stay tuned on our blog as we dive into how you can optimize your website for action, build a scalable fundraising strategy, and send powerful, personalized messaging in 2021.

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