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We’re less than a month out from Election Day in the U.S. and we know that most of you have been working for this day for a very long time. And we have, too.

We’ve been bulletproofing our infrastructure all year, and have made many big changes behind the scenes, including massive new hardware investments, architecture improvements, security audits, and industry-leading protections against spam and distributed denial of service attacks.

We also created a new site that let’s you know what’s going on with different aspects of the service, including the control panel, websites, email blasting and donation processing. As our service has become more complex, we wanted to provide visibility into more than just overall uptime.

And finally, we have updated many state voter files and are actively processing the results of early voting in many states as well. If you haven’t requested the voter file for your get-out-the-vote efforts yet, please make that request right away so we can get it loaded into your nation. And if you’re using the NationBuilder voter file, note that you can get early voters automatically tagged in your nation as they vote.

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