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Tools for turning facebook followers into opted in supporters

If you have a database with thousands of prospects but not so many opted in supporters this webinar is for you. In this session I will show you the tools and strategies you can use to turn followers into supporters. There is no magic bullet but there are ways to go about your campaign always asking your prospects to step up and become opted in supporters. Join this webinar to learn more. 


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All about permissioning people to use your Nation

Its great when you have a dynamic database and several staff and/or volunteers who can help you manage the work. But how do you keep information secure? How do you restrict a person from publishng a webpage or viewing information about people that aren't relevant to them? Learn about the feature in NationBuilder that helps restrict permissions to certain control panel users and how this can be automated and managed by your admin. 

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Solutions to email overload

Email overload! You come back from lunch and there's another 10 emails glaring back at you.

After you've finished with your personal inbox you check the generic one which is routed to another other email address which a collegue no longer on staff was responsible for. Ugh. 

Now its 2:00pm and time for your next meeting, that creative project you were excited to start will have to wait for another day. You've spent an hour reading through emails, assessing who they need to go to and then forwarding them on to other collegues. You're the middleman of communication and worst yet these valuable conversations aren't being saved in the profile of the people writing in. 

The people writing in could have just attended one of your events, they might be an expired member or retweeted you but you don't have that context in your Outlook or Gmail account. 

There's a better way to scan emails and assign them to collegues using NationBuilder in the People section of your Nation. You can send reply emails directly from a persons profile where you'll be able to get the whole context of who this person is and how they are engaged with your organisation.

Join this webinar to learn how.

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Using Paths Like a Pro

Remember the game Snakes and Ladders? With a roll of the dice you advance on the board where you might land on a ladder that takes you up closer to winning or land on a snake and slide backwards. 

The game has several paths that players can take to "win". This is similar to running a campaign. There is an end goal, your supporters take actions to help move closer to that goal and sometimes they advance, sometimes they stay put for a while and sometimes they leave.

Wouldn't it be great if you could track their engagement along a path you design that ultimately helps you achieve your goals?

NationBuilder Paths can help with this! 

Watch this webinar to learn about how to make the most of the paths feature. 

You'll come out of this webinar having seen how to create a path and also with an understanding of what paths you might need to set up to achieve your goals.

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