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Earlier this week we started wrangling all of the documentation and resources for our certified partner network into a single corral (liking these ranch puns yet?). A new page for these resources is coming soon. 

However, in doing so, we were reminded of the fantastic and clever assets our partners have put together as well. 

Proof: Radish Lab created their very own guide to NationBuilder, CodeNation built a collection of kits for improving NationBuilder themes, and both cStreet & Tectonica have widely expanded their R&D labs.

As a platform made for helping communities thrive, it's always inspiring to see our own ecosystem create value for NationBuilder customers beyond what we're capable of doing alone. I don't have enough fingers to count how many times the sentence, "Wow, we should have thought of that", has been uttered while cruising the tweets of our friends. 

We'll continue to spotlight these amazing projects individually. So, partners, please share with us whatever magic you're working on and we'll get it out there!

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