Have you ever wondered what leadership means in the 21st century context? And have you ever wondered how technology can be used to define it and empower communities? These are some of the many questions our NationBuilder Masterclass on the 6th of July aims to tackle.


We have put together a full day of discussions and learning together. Ranging from product demos, to workshops, to brainstorming with some phenomenal people (ranging from leaders in the field of Digital Communication, to activists, to campaign managers of Presidential elections), this day aims to not only give you a holistic understanding of what NationBuilder is, but also how it can empower you to take the next step in digital campaigning.


At the end of a long day of chatting, mingling, brainstorming, and discovering new concepts, we’ll be unwinding over drinks and snacks which will provide a great platform for people to chat late into the evening.


However, there are only 20 tickets left - so hurry to get your tickets here

To find out more detail about what’s happening on the day, you can have a look at our agenda on our event website

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