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commented on Release Feedback
While some things about the new WYSIWYG editor are good, I really miss the old “paste text without format.” In the new editor, if I paste something where the source was something tagged

etc in an html page, and I paste it into a

in my content, then it breaks the line, adds it as

. Or vice versa, etc. Pressing clear formatting doesn’t help, of course, because it doesn’t undo the added paragraph break and it doesn’t turn an

into a

. (Nor should the clear formatting button do so, as that’s not what it’s for.) NB support has told me to paste first into Notepad and then into the editor. Okay, I know. I’m not saying the thing is impossible to do now. But the task, a really common task, is an extra step now, which we didn’t used to need to take. It would be far better if the editor itself could allow me, with a click, to do that same process [strip text of all html], without switching to another program. Thanks.
posted 2018-01-31 08:54:49 -0800