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I would like to change our email template so that we have a column on the left for buttons, such as "Join Now," "Register," etc., as well as a "In this Issue" list of articles.  I tried using Tables, but I want the left column to remain in a fixed position, no matter how long the article is in the column on the right.


Can you help me set this up?

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NationBuilder gives you complete freedom to customize your email template or build one entirely from scratch. But we also understand that coding an email template can be rather technical, which is why we provide more than ten free email themes to choose from.


For customers who are interested in exploring other email custom theming options, there a number of stunning, free email templates available online.

Using these freely available templates requires editing your email's theme — including interacting with its Liquid variables. If you don't feel comfortable working within the template editor directly, or find that — despite your best efforts — you're unable to generate the outcome you intend, we would recommend contacting one of our certified NationBuilder Architects. NationBuilder Architects are certified designers who will work with you to build and implement your own custom NationBuilder theme, and can be contracted for at an hourly rate.

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