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We noticed several people trying to install jQuery image sliders to feature specific content. This can be a hassle to setup, so we decided to make it super simple and built this feature into NationBuilder.

Here's how it works: In the control panel, navigate to the page where you wish to add the slider. Click on settings, and then click on the featured content sliders button.

Click to zoom
Featured content slider. Click to zoom.
Type in the label (the one or two words that identify and go under the image, so people can navigate between them), the headline/action text (overlayed on top of the image, meant to encourage clicks), the page to feature (the page you want the image and headline to link to) and finally choose the image to upload.

We recommend the images be 660px to 960px wide (depending on the theme you use) and whatever height you want. Make sure all the images are the same height and width so they slide nicely from one another.

That's it. You simply repeat this process for any image you want in the slider. You can even drag and drop the slides to instantly change the order in which they appear.

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