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commented on page.event
how can I get an RSVP auto-notification to include the shift(s) that the volunteer has chosen for the event? also to CC the point person with the RSVP autonotification? i found where to edit _mailing_event.html, but don’t know the tag for the shifts.
posted 2015-04-08 10:50:08 -0700
commented on Aware: from your desktop to your pocket
I customized my theme based on the Aware v1 template. I’ve set up a sandbox nation, is there a way to get the old Aware framework on the site so I can utilize the sandbox? Its not working with Aware V2.
posted 2014-07-02 13:09:46 -0700
commented on Import events from other sources?
+1 on setting up the import feature please.
posted 2014-04-14 10:19:06 -0700