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Jeff Swift, PhD

Jeff Swift has worked as an Organizer and Strategist at NationBuilder where he helped create community among political candidates, nonprofit and advocacy organizations, and independent authors. He is passionate about helping more people have a meaningful voice in their communities.

Jeff recently has a PhD in Communication, Rhetoric, & Digital Media from North Carolina State University, and his research is focused on digital activism and online community building. He has taught university-level courses in writing, argumentation, advocacy, and satire at two universities, and has had work published in multiple academic journals and edited collections.

Prior to coming to NationBuilder, Jeff served as online campaign manager for three local campaigns, Vice President of an international nonprofit organization, and volunteer church service missionary in Bulgaria. He is married to an RN, and together they have two sons and a thing for root beer microbrews.


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I also had success modifying the theme file for the sidebar and putting the Twitter widget right there. Here’s a resource I found about how to do that:
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Member directories are now live, and you can read more about how to set them up here:
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