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Advertising is a huge part of any political campaign. Traditionally, political advertising focused on direct mail to get candidate messages to voters but, in today's digital age, targeting ads on a format your voters use and understand the most is crucial.

We’re happy to announce that NationBuilder and UberMedia have made it easier than ever to do this with a new integration that lets you sync your voter file with UberMedia’s digital advertising engine. Now campaigns can match a voter’s registered address with their device ID to target digital ads to their target voter universe.

To take advantage of this integration:

Step 1: Contact UberMedia by visiting this page. An UberMedia representative will contact you and request your NationBuilder API access token and nation slug. You can find your access token by logging into your NationBuilder control panel and navigating to Settings > Developer > API Token and selecting Create Token. If you don’t find this option in your control panel please contact our application ecosystem manager Farz Sokhansanj.

Step 2: Generate your advertising universe in NationBuilder. To do this run a filter to identify the voters you would like to target and add them to a list. For purposes of tracking which voters have already been targeted through UberMedia it is a good idea to name the list using a standard naming convention so you can easily see which list has been targeted.


Step 3: UberMedia will request the list ID for the list of people in your nation that you would like to target with your advertising campaign. UberMedia handles the rest and provides analytic data on response for the ad (click-throughs, etc).

Step 4: You may want to create an advertising path that includes steps for each digital ad campaign. If you do this, remember to batch update everyone on the list being sent to UberMedia after each advertising campaign so you know in your nation who has already been sent an advertisement.

View UberMedia in the NationBuilder app directory here.


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