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Whether you want to mobilize your nation or persuade new voters to support your political campaign, targeted political direct mail remains an effective and inexpensive option. VoterPros is an online DIY service that offers direct mail designs to any candidate regardless of budget. With VoterPros you can use your NationBuilder lists to send professionally designed mailers to your voters’ mailboxes.

To take advantage of this integration:

Step 1: Login to your nation and navigate to the 'People' tab in the top navigation menu. From here, you can search for the voters you want to target with your mailer and add them to a list.

Step 2: Visit and create an account. From here you can upload your mailer or use the VoterPros design wizard to create a mailer.


Step 3: Select your mailing list. You have 2 options: You may import lists you already created from your nation, or build a new mailing list using VoterPros’ voter targeting tool.

To import a list from your nation, click “Target” on the VoterPros site, then “Use My NationBuilder Lists”. Follow the prompts to login to your nation and select the list you would like to mail to. 


Alternatively, use VoterPros mailing list creation tool by hitting “Target” on their site and then selecting the district you are running in.


Step 4: Schedule your mailer and check out. 


Step 5: Go back to your nation and batch update the list to log the contact. If you have paths setup in your nation to track your engagement with voters then also batch update the path so you can see how voters are responding to your mailers and move them up the ladder of engagement. 

View VoterPros in the NationBuilder app directory here.

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