Liquid Error on Event Page Custom Field

I am attempting to add a custom field to an event page. I made an "Organization" field via Settings > Defaults > Custom Fields and then added it to my event page template as follows: {% text_field "organization", class:"text form-control", placeholder:"Organization" %} However, I get the following error on the event page: "Liquid error: organization is not a valid form field for EventRsvp." Am I missing a step? Is this possible?

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Hi Theodore! Yes, this is certainly possible, but the custom fields use a slightly different syntax than regular fields, as outlined in more detail here:

So in short, you should be using this instead: 


{% text_field "signup.custom_values.organization", class:"text form-control", placeholder:"Organization" %}



Side note: If anyone else stumbles upon this page and is trying to add custom fields to a ticketed event, it is worth noting that custom fields can only go on event pages that do not sell tickets (and instead collect RSVPs only). If you have a ticketed event, the custom field will need to be placed on the donation page where the ticket buyer completes the ticket purchase.


Complete and current information on how to use NationBuilder is available in the documentation section.

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