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StoriesYou’ve checked all the boxes to set your nonprofit up for success - you’ve set up multiple ways for supporters to engage with you, you’ve targeted your list to send personal communications. So where are your supporters? You did all the things you’re supposed to do, why aren’t supporters signing up in droves?

Maybe they’re missing a connection with you. You know why your mission is important - it’s why you get out of bed in the morning. But, you can’t assume your supporters and prospects automatically *get it* like you do.

Communication has exploded since the days of radio and TV. There is now *a lot* of different channels to talk to people and thanks to the low cost of the internet, each of those channels is filled with a lot of noise. You need to connect deeply with your supporters and you need to do it fast.

I get a ton of solicitations for donations. Facebook ads, emails, direct mail - you name it, I get it. Most of them don’t inspire me to give. I also fall into the millennial category and I don’t have a large giving budget. But, a compelling story will get me everytime. I just donated online to a local animal charity - not because they told me my money would make a general impact, but because they told me the story of Sparkles, a kitten that urgently needed surgery, and exactly how my donation would help. Reading Sparkles’ story and the specific impact my donation would make pushed me to take action.

Supporters need to be drawn in with a narrative that compels them to take action. Telling your story helps supporters connect to your mission quickly and feel like they’re a part of your success. Try orienting around your organization’s story for your next campaign and watch how it changes the way your supporters and prospects engage with you.


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Photo by Syd Wachs

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