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If you're looking to build an app for use by a large number of nations, you start by using OAuth2 to request tokens for accessing those nations. But if you're testing initial scripts or are using the API for a single nation, setting up that authorization flow can be a significant hurdle. To make it easier to get started, we've added the ability to create API test tokens right from the control panel.

  • Test tokens provide a simple and quick way to explore the NationBuilder API without having to use OAuth
  • You can now harness your own nation's API without having to go through a third party
  • The tokens can be easily integrated into scripts or shell commands
  • New applications can be built without using OAuth. They can now use a user supplied API token

To create a new token, go to Settings > Developer > API token and use the "Create token" button. Tokens are permanent until revoked, so be sure to remove them after they're no longer needed to provide access to your nation's data (yep, we've revoked the token you see in the screenshot below). If you don't already have a nation for development and would like one, just email us at [email protected] - please include the subdomain name you'd like for the account.

How to set up test tokens


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