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Up until now, NationBuilder’s text blasting functionality only been available in the US and Canada. Because we have customers around the world we have been searching for an option that can better serve our customers and we think we’ve found it – Frontline SMS. With FrontlineSMS you can use that same text functionality across the globe.

Historically, text has a 98% open rate so it’s no surprise that folks are eager to use text blasting to rally their supporters. We hope this app will better support our customers moving their supporters to action and achieving their goals.

So how does it work?

With FrontlineSMS you can set up custom text campaigns through a browser-based portal. Supporters text a keyword to yourprovided Frontline number. This triggers an action, whether that is RSVPing to an event, subscribing to your email list, or running a digital petition. The supporter takes an action and you capture their information – all through text.

frontlinesms_diagram.pngThe best part is that any data you collect flows seamlessly back to your NationBuilder account. The text itself is logged in your activity feed and you can tag any profile that responds to your text blasts. What’s more, you can even add in the following variable during your set up of FrontlineSMS that pulls in the first text someone sends as a tag. This way you can run different registration engagements on the go, without the need for additional configuration in FrontlineSMS. These tags will help you sort your campaigns, supporters and track engagement inside NationBuilder.

With this new innovation, our international customers will now be able to have the same text-messaging power we have had domestically. All the action and all the ease. Learn more here.

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