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It’s the Wednesday morning after election day. You’re tempted to turn the lights off on your campaign and pack up – but politics doesn’t have an off switch.

Win or lose, the infrastructure of supporters, donors, and volunteers you built shouldn’t be ignored until the next election cycle.

Organizing a “Forever campaign” has only been in the reach of federal office holders – until now. Using NationBuilder you can sustain your campaign from one election to the next in three simple steps.

  1. Adjust your website: Instead of letting your site fade into disuse, considering keeping your supporters updated in the off-cycle. Send email blasts with news about your work and issues they care about. Volunteers and donors can see their investment pay off and stay engaged. The best part – they will be more eager to support you when you run again.

  2. Consider constituent services: Many elected officials find themselves in elected office, but with limited in the resources to achieve their goals. If you find yourself in this position, considering adding constituent services to your site. Create a feedback form for constituents to report potholes and other problems to your office. Any request is recorded in your database, so you can keep track of constituents and the issues they care about most.

  3. Track everything: The relationships you build between now and the next election cycle are critical. Track every conversation with constituents and every meeting with community activists. When the next election cycle rolls around you will have a strong personal brand and a core community to help you win.

Elections are won and lost with the work done between election cycles. NationBuilder gives you the opportunity to run your “Forever campaign” sustainably. Done right, you’ll have a thriving infrastructure to blow your competition out of the water.

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