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The fundamentals of virtual facilitation

Practice makes perfect! Jump into Zoom and learn first hand from the experts of NationBuilder about how to facilitate virtual spaces from meetings to fundraisers and online events.

A facilitator can get a group to discuss, debate, and, above all, decide a lot of stuff in not-a-lot of time. Some people are better business-process facilitators, like facilitating a strategic planning process, or team decision making session, whereas others are better at facilitating more experiential processes such as community circles. Active listening is a core component to good facilitation and this webinar will introduce you to the different aspects of listening required when facilitating a virtual event.

In this camera's on, audio on, interactive Zoom Meeting, we will give you the tools to begin your facilitator journey. We will review and practice together:

  • Hosting and facilitating events online
  • Active listening
  • Agenda setting
  • Tech setup
  • Facilitator expectations
Sorcha Rochford Posted by
September 29, 2020 at 11:00am - 12pm Sydney
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