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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, community is more important than ever. We invite you to join us in a 2-hour session for a transformative experience in storytelling.

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Story circle

NationBuilder Events

Thu, September 08, 2022

Starting at 5:00 PM

How to build larger groups of stakeholders and encourage advocacy in 2022

The Internet has empowered individual citizens to shape politics and allowed even the most humble of advocacy groups to identify and mobilise large, targeted bases of support. While grassroots advocacy has taken hold at national level across Europe, it remains underutilised in Brussels despite the mass of legislation drafted here. Part of this can be explained by the “Brussels Bubble” effect. For a long-time, European Union legislation was technical in nature, centred on topics of little interest to the general public. As it was far removed from the interests of citizens, there was little need to generate public support. But this is now changing.

Join us:

As Brussels takes on a larger role on issues that are of great public interest - from climate change through to migration and health - citizens are becoming more interested in European Union lawmaking.

Meet experts from across Europe to discuss challenges they face in the areas of stakeholder engagement and organising and share the best practices and solutions for your future campaigns and public engagement. 

The event will cover:

  • How using technology can enable advocacy with far more precision and at greater scale.
  • How to identify, engage and mobilise advocates?
  • How to conceptualize and implement a ladders of engagement and mobilization
  • How to engage and build trust with new and diverse stakeholders

Speakers to be announced… 

Note: All NationBuilder events are open to everyone regardless of their political affiliation.


To be announced
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