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The Secret to Lowering the Cost of Supporter Acquisition

Learn simple tips to make your supporter acquisition budget go further by working with NationBuilder.

Click to learn simple tips to lower your customer acquisition costs and make your marketing budget go further.

Most organizations are laser focused on list growth. This makes sense because marketing is a numbers game. The more people you reach, the more people might donate, send a legislator email, or show up to an event.

But in pursuit of scale, many organizations are accruing huge supporter acquisition costs. They spend aggressively on marketing and advertising to acquire new supporters, then fail to convert those people into long-term supporters.

This webinar draws on research, best practices, and the experience of our top organizers to provide you a crash course on tactics to lower the cost of supporter acquisition and increase supporters' lifetime value.

Watch this webinar recording to learn what the most successful organizations have in common.