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We follow the 80/20 rule - take your top 20% of supporters who will perform 80% of the actions and give them a smartphone app that allows them to do 10X more than what they would do on a website, while creating valuable data which is automatically synced to your Nation. Our platform allows you to manage your app once we have collaborated to build and launch it. We offer advanced features such as matching your supporters’ phone address book contacts to voter files and big data as well as crowdsourcing grassroots activities like text messaging and fundraising to your supporters. Match your supporters to their state and federal elected officials using geolocation to make lobbying seamless. Our clients include local, state, federal, presidential, international, advocacy and referendums.


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Nick Elliott · [email protected] · 301-792-9670

About the app

  • Identify on average 34 individuals per supporter who downloads the app and generate up to 28 new ways to contact these individuals.
  • Match your supporters' friends to voter and data files so you can have the right person send the right message and break through the noise.
  • App tracks every activity your supporters complete, awards Action Points (AP) and social capital, connects to your Nation and grows your contact universe and fills in your data picture.
  • Obtain a verified email, mobile number or Facebook profile with every login plus supporters fill out their own user profile with additional contact, demographic info and take surveys.
  • Advanced features: canvassing (turf cut from your Nation), phone address book matching, personalized invites and crowdsourcing, surveys, polls, video, trivia, games, leaderboards, messaging, chat, and event check-ins.
  • Custom design and development available..