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Running a campaign in the United Kingdom? Great news - we've updated our shapefiles for the entire country this week to correspond with newly drawn district boundaries (Wards in particular), and have also included Scottish and Welsh electoral regions in the state_upper_district field. Check out our our documentation on autodistricting for a full listing of available regions.

To see the new districts applied to your existing signups, you'll want to toggle auto-districting on/off; that'll be found under Settings->Political. If you have existing districts that you previously imported, use caution as these can be wiped in favor of auto-districted information.

It can take up to 24hrs to fully update large databases, but you can update specific profiles immediately by hitting the "save address" button on the profile's "location" tab. All new users added to the database will automatically get the new districts, and anyone with the "override lat/long" box checked on their profile will not receive auto-districting updates.

We recently updated Australian and Mexican shapefiles as well (which is why I just copy/pasted the instructions for updating from that post!).

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