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Paola Bailey, Psy.D.

Ryan Morgan is a Partner at Veracity Media where he develops cutting edge tools and websites to help campaigns and nonprofits. 

Voters look to community leaders - particularly in smaller elections - for guidance on which candidates to support. Local endorsements can be the difference between winning and losing a tight race, so it’s important to showcase them. That’s why one of the most useful NationBuilder features for political campaigns or non-profits is the endorsement tool. In-district voters, community leaders, activists, and organizations can publicly pledge their support. These endorsers are added to a list, and over the course of a campaign the list grows. At Veracity, we've created an endorsement map to visualize these supporters. 

Our approach was to create a dynamically-updating endorsement map displaying the entirety of a nation's endorsements. Your supporters can add their information and instantly see their endorsement on the map. Our tool clusters endorsements together so visitors can see all the endorsements in a specific area. It's a great way to graphically demonstrate your support.

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Endorsement map

You can also set featured endorsements that have their own special map icon, and even show custom content, like a video or image, in the individual endorsement popups.

If you'd like to talk about using our endorsement map for your campaign or organization, email me at [email protected]. We can tweak it to fit anywhere on your site, set custom map icons, use your existing list of endorsements (filtered to any level of privacy you'd like), and more. 

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