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Visualize your nation's metrics with growth view

When you log into your nation, you are taken to the control panel which is the hub of a nation's organizing efforts. You could spend hours reading about people's interactions with one another from Dashboard > Activity but there are several other views available within the Dashboard that can be incredibly useful including followup view, finance view, calendar view and contacts view

Growth view is the most recent addition to this section. It shows growth in key categories of your nation - recruiters, members, fundraisers, donors, volunteers, supporters - in a bar chart representing monthly new people in those categories. This monthly growth view can also be narrowed down to a particular point person in your nation. And you can compare growth from all point people in various time frames from Dashboard > Growth > Point people.

NationBuilder Growth view

Each category is represented by a different color in the bar graph. You can quickly see how many people were gained in a particular category during a single month by hovering over a section of the bar graph. A key will pop up for that area of the graph.

This feature is great to use in conjunction with Dashboard > Contacts. A point person who has a large number of monthly contacts, but is not achieving growth in key supporter metrics could be paired with a more effective organizer or you could make time for additional one-on-one training before the organizer continues her efforts to expand the reach of your organization.

While the metrics tracked in growth view cannot be changed, the contact types tracked in Contact view can - by editing the contact types for your nation from Settings > Defaults > Contact types.

Has the use of point people within your organization helped expand your outreach efforts? We'd love to hear about the growth of your nation in the comments section of this post!