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Key tactics in effective email advocacy (part 1): How to send emails people open, read & engage

A data-packed crash course in best practices for mastering the 3 keys to successful email campaigning.

Email advocacy is part art, part science—and this 2-part, platform-agnostic webinar series, drawing on new research and practical experience, will provide you a crash course in the skills and best practices you need to master both.

In this first video, following an awkward moment or two at the top (sorry!), you'll learn all about the 3 keys to sending advocacy emails that drive action:

  • Right time: rapid response; when, and how much to send 
  • Right person: segmenting on who they are (behavior, persona) & where they are (life-cycle)
  • Right message: how to personalize, optimize, experiment, and repeat

Part 2 in this webinar series covers strategies for optimizing email deliverability and inbox placement.

Recorded live October 4, 2017

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