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followed Actblue and Nation Builder integration 2014-06-19 08:27:52 -0700

Actblue and Nation Builder integration

I'm having a bit of a problem integrating the Actblue with Nation Builder.  I can't find anything in the FAQ's and how to videos on how to troubleshoot it. I fill in the required info, save it, and it still says "The page you were looking for was not found."  On the control panel side of things, after I click "save settings," it remembers the user account with access to the ActBlue page and the password associated with that account, but the ActBlue entity donation page URL is blank.   Any suggestions from the community?

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In order to save properly, ActBlue URLs must adhere to a very specific format. 

To learn more about how to enter your ActBlue URL into your NationBuilder Control Panel, click here.