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commented on Field offices 2014-06-06 20:04:22 -0700
I'm coining the term "NationBuilder couple of the year" with my partner because we actively encourage people who ask for our advice on a good CRM platform to use NB. Also, I'm funny and I applied to be an organizer almost 3 years ago by showing the powers that be that I created a Hanson (band of brothers) fan website when I was 15.

Where should NationBuilder open field offices?

NationBuilder is growing fast and to keep up with the demand of our customers, we need to hire more organizers. Like, a lot more. But not everyone can be in LA or DC, so over the next year we’ll be opening field offices throughout the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Based on the your feedback, we have decided to move forward immediately with offices in the following cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Oakland, and Austin. 

As we pick additional locations, we want to know where potential organizers are currently living. You know that person who is always making things happen, the person who everyone loves being around? It might be a friend, a sister, an uncle or neighbor—they are tech-savvy, fearless, and passionate about serving people. Let them know we are interested in hiring them, either in LA right away, or sometime later this year in a field office near them. There is no commitment at all, so even if they are just a little bit intrigued about an opportunity like this, encourage them to sign up below—it's totally confidential, we will not tell anyone they’ve expressed interest.

Our hiring process is built around the idea that some of the best organizers don’t even realize they’re organizers, and there’s no way we can help every community organize if we don’t have people from a wildly diverse set of backgrounds. Learn more about being a NationBuilder organizer.

followed Actblue and Nation Builder integration 2014-06-19 08:27:52 -0700

Actblue and Nation Builder integration

I'm having a bit of a problem integrating the Actblue with Nation Builder.  I can't find anything in the FAQ's and how to videos on how to troubleshoot it. I fill in the required info, save it, and it still says "The page you were looking for was not found."  On the control panel side of things, after I click "save settings," it remembers the user account with access to the ActBlue page and the password associated with that account, but the ActBlue entity donation page URL is blank.   Any suggestions from the community?

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In order to save properly, ActBlue URLs must adhere to a very specific format. 

To learn more about how to enter your ActBlue URL into your NationBuilder Control Panel, click here.