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Goals are achieved by developing relationships, distributing responsibility, and growing community. Online donations, social media interaction, and other actions automatically update profiles in your people database. Learn how to track relationships with people and organizations and target outreach.


Your fully customizable, responsive website is designed to make action easy. Learn how to create and use various page types – like blogs, event calendars, petitions, surveys, and more. All actions taken on your website automatically connect to your people database.


Broadcasters, the official voices of your nation, live here. Each broadcaster can be connected to an email address, Twitter account, Facebook page, and virtual phone number. Create a more effective outreach strategy using targeted email blasting, text messaging, and social media to engage your most influential people.


Track donations, expenditures, and invoices. Target donors and customers based on transaction history. Learn how to create a donation page, create individual fundraising pages, and accept recurring donations.


Global management of your nations is handled in the Settings section. Connect payment processors, configure a custom domain, create memberships, and customize user permission sets. Also define your organization’s contact information and manage billing information here.


Manage and enhance your data all from one place. Learn how to import and export your supporter, donation, and survey data at any time, or automatically share your data with another nation.

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The second half of the First Amendment

Today is America’s birthday, the 4th of July. A time to eat hot dogs, listen to Katy Perry sing about explosions, and reflect on what this country stands for — freedom and opportunity for everyone. As a nation, we have a whole document that goes into what freedom means and we...

Everything you wanted to know about email deliverability

Ever wanted to learn more about how to get your emails delivered, increase open rates, and build strong relationships with your supporters? The NationBuilder Product Education team brings you three new articles on email deliverability:  How to optimize your email deliverability Understanding email consent How to maintain a healthy email list ...


Live Nonprofit Demo

Tue, Jul 07 at 10:00am
Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Join me, a nonprofit organizer, as I run through how to set up your organization's digital infrastructure, engage key supporters, and leverage peer-to-peer outreach with NationBuilder’s tools. I will cover email blasts, social media integration,...
Hosted by Lena Ellingboe

Live Political Demo

Tue, Jul 07 at 11:00am
Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Live Online Session
Join Taylor Valley, a political organizer, as he shows you how to set up a campaign and target voters with NationBuilder’s tools. He’ll cover voter data, email blasts, social media integration, and creating walk lists...
Hosted by Taylor Valley