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'Delete Page' button should mark page as deleted

We use NationBuilder with grassroots teams and they don't all have the time to become experts. There are (more than) two ways to remove a page from the site, but in particular the "Delete Page" in the lower right corner of the Settings tab is causing us problems. This deletes the page from the database, so if its an event we can't follow up with those who signed up to let them know it is cancelled. Rather, it should (by default) mark the page as "deleted" like the drop-down Status menu in the upper right corner. Preferably only a "super-admin" could actually purge data from the database. But at least disambiguate a "deleted" status from a purge-from-db action. 


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Windows 10 / IE 11 doesn't work

Using IE 11 on Windows 10 (preview), you can't login to nations created in NationBuilder.  Chrome on Windows 10 does work, however.


I understand it's still a preview release -but we have users who are reporting issues already.


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Server-side image resizing

Currently there's no way to define or request a smaller version of an image, eg in content lists and even on pages. This is a basic function in Wordpress, Drupal, Umbraco, etc

This is a huge problem for theming on listing pages, as if you're using the image as a large image on the page itself, then it can load dozens of 500KB+ images, which is terrible for page speed and rendering. A UI for setting image resizing actions and Liquid similar to {{ page.attachments.last.url.medium }} {{ page.attachments.last.url.squarecrop }} would be ideal.

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Allow batch updating of tags when viewing sets of supporters

Currently, the only way to batch update tags is from a list. This means that doing a tag operation requires creating a list and adding people to it.

This makes it hard to administer tags as any batch addition of tags requires creating a list, adding people to it, etc etc.

It would be great if it were possible to batch add a tag from a simple supporter view such as you might get when looking at event RSVPs, attendees, or even when looking up who already has a tag.

For example, if I wanted to amalgamate a few different tags, I'd have to add all those with the tag to a list then batch update them with the new tag. I think it'd be easier if I could click on each tag to see an appropriate list of supporters, then batch add the tag from that interface. 

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Manage Content in a way that is similar to Drupal

A more modern approach to content management is really needed here.

Currently, content management is pretty chaotic, and static. Creating static pages with multiple variations on the same template file quickly becomes a disaster. Nationbuilder is not taking advantage of what a database can actually do.

My suggestion is to move to a Node and Content Type system, similar to what drupal uses.

- Content Types have fields assigned to them. (Create as many custom fields as you want)

- When you create a content type, you are creating a "Node".

- Nodes are the web pages. The fields included in a particular node, can be wrapped in html and styled to look pretty. (Look up Display Suite if this is not clear)

- Views (from the Drupal Views module) can be created that query the database for specific fields from all nodes that match a specified criteria, etc, and then is displayed as a page, or a block that can be assigned to 1 or more pages. Fields and rows can be wrapped in html and styled to look pretty.


TL;DR: NationBuilder's content management system really sucks, and could be a lot better if it emulated Drupal.

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Filtering on IDs - add "does not exist" to list of qualifiers

I can easily create a filter on whether an id (e.g. a VAN Id) exists. It would be nice if I could also filter on "does not exist".

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Import of TSV files

It would be useful if NationBuilder could import files in TSV format (text with records separated by tabs) as well as CSV. A number of systems I use produce data in TSV format, it would be nice not to have to convert these to CSV before importing them.

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Duplicate Redundancy

When suggesting potential duplicate records, it would be nice if NB didn't bring back up the ones I've already skipped until after I've seen all the others. It's frustrating to have to skip the same pair several times in order to get at all the records I can resolve now.

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Allow profile pages to be at non-root level

Public profiles have the unfortunately side effect of causing user names (which are created by nation users and not administrators) to "block" the ability to create pages.

For example, if a user signs up, and picks a username of "About", you can no longer make an "about" page with that as your slug, even if public profiles are disabled.

It would be beneficial, not only to prevent this, but also to remove confusion for users of the site, if you could specify a root "slug" under which all user profiles were placed.  For example, instead of my profile being at:


It could instead be at:



This would solve many issues:

  • It'd be much more obvious that these are user profile pages
  • It'd eliminate the name collisions with administrative defined pages
  • It'd reduce the "pollution" of the root level naming structure on the site



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Process multiple queued imports in chronological order

I have noticed when there are multiple imports queued, they are not processed in the order that they were added. Rather, when the currently running import finishes, the most recent import added to the queue starts processing.

This would be bad if multiple queued imports were changing the same data fields. It makes sense that the most recent import has the most correct data. But if the most recent import is processed first and then an older import is processed, bad data could overwrite good data.


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2 Key Improvements needed for scanned survey to be functional

I love the idea of scanned surveys for use as walk/call lists, but can't use them until the following are fixed:


1.  Increase font size (it is painfully small now)

2.  Map "Support Level" directly to the survey - ABCDE options are just too confusing.


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Add back name of nation to subject line of notification emails

Please add the name of the nation back to the subject line of notification emails.

For those with multiple nations, it’s an important cue.

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Solution: Event Aware Donation Page

So far this seems to work.  If someone has a more elegant solution or discovers this code interferes with other uses of the donation page template, please post!!!

PROBLEM:  If a you have an event selling tickets and its associated donation page, if a user navigates directly to the donation page instead of getting their via the event and choosing a number of tickets, they can make a "donation" but nationbuilder is unaware of the associated event, so, the donation is recorded but no RSVP is recorded with the event.  This causes users to have paid for the event but received no ticket/RSVP, and the event host cannot rely on the list of RSVPs.

One way the problem is created is when a user completes a purchase and then posts the prompted message to social media, the link in social media is to the donation page instead of the event page, causing others to navigate directly to the donation page when they click on the user's post.

The solution is to make the donation template aware if it is part of an event AND has no order.

REQUIREMENT:  Your donation page must be a sub-page of its associated event.

Here is the code that sets a variable to true if the current donation page has no order and its parent is an event:

<!-- CSB set variable to true if page belongs to an event but has no order -->
{% if request.current_order and page.parent.type_name == "Event" %}
{% assign _is_event_with_no_order = false %}
{% else %}
{% assign _is_event_with_no_order = true %}
{% endif %}
{% if _is_event_with_no_order == true %}
<!-- <br/>Event -- No Order -->
{% else %}
<!-- <br/>Event Have Order -->
{% endif %}


Now you can make special exceptions in code to change the layout of the page if it is associated with an event but contains no order.  In this case I've replaced the default intro text and put in a jQuery redirect to automatically redirect them back to the associated event.

{% if page.donation.content.size > 0 %}
<div id="intro" class="intro">

<!--- I added this if and link so that if not coming from a ticket purchase, the user is prompted to navigate back to the ticket page -->
{% if _is_event_with_no_order == true %}
If you are not automatically redirected in a moment, then.....
<h3 class="padbottomless">Please <a href="{{ page.parent.url }}">CLICK HERE</a> to go to the event page first and choose the number of tickets you wish to purchase.</h4>
<script type="text/javascript"> { window.location = '{{ page.parent.url }}'; }</script>
{% endif %}
{{ page.donation.content }}</div>
{% endif %}



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Need filter criterion for signup_type (Person vs. Organization)

I can't seem to find a filtering option that allows me to differentiate people from organizations.  The signup_type doesn't seem to be exposed anywhere.  And unfortunately the People/Organizations toggle on the "People" page is ignored when you add results to a list.  This is making it very cumbersome to create lists of organizations for batch operations.

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Add ability to adjust voicemail length

Please add the ability to adjust voicemail message length

For groups that work with seniors or would like more voicemail details the ability to increase the voice-mail message length would be very helpful (and should not that hard to implement). 


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Possibility to see blast in the stream


i would like to see when i clicked on a user blast send to them. Currently i can see further follow up, private post or other activities shown in the stream but not the blast. It would be very help full to see, what was the last contact to that people.

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"Best time to call" - useless?

At what point does the field where you enter "Best time to call" become useful in doing follow-ups? I don't see it anywhere on the display of the person you are about to call.  Not on the Dashboard, not on the snapshot of the person's information at the top of the page, and not anywhere where you would Log Contact. So if the only time it is viewable is when you edit the contact/person, how is it valuable?  In the snapshot of the person above there is: Job; Point Person; Recruiter; Last Contacted, and even phone numbers and tags... wouldn't it be relevent to have the "Best time to call" information next to that information as well? Or even next to the person's name at the top or with their background info under their name.  Can this be accomplished? It's frustrating to have to go into two extra screen steps to see when the best time to reach someone is when I am doing follow-ups every day.  

Thank you, 

Jesse Mayor


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Volunteer Tracking System

We need a feature that allows us to track volunteers and their hours. This must be something that volunteers can access independently and having a tracking system where it displays hours would be helpful. There are many different forms of software out there that we have been looking into that do an excellent job, but we would prefer if Nation Builder were to create something like this. We were also told this was in the works. What is the status?

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