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Support for PIN Payments bank account type

Hi There,

My clients would like to use PIN Payments as their preferred payment provider. Can you please integrate support for PIN Payments and their API..



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Indicate what event a contact was about

You know how from a supporter profile you can RSVP them with a drop-down list of events?

Imagine if you could use a similar list to indicate what a phone call was about. Let's say you want to call a hundred people about a particular event. You can then indicate not only the call purpose, medium, and outcome, but relate it to a specific event. 

This would be good for future reference (knowing what event someone was called about) and also for recruiting for events, as it would make it easier to do filtering operations related to that event.

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Exportable .csv for broadcaster emails

Being able to export stats from /broadcasters/[x]/mailings would allow a lot of people to run a lot of different kinds of analyses.

The Author/slug/sent/etc.... info is a great start, and there would be a lot of benefit in being able to export subject lines, date, time, # of donors, spam %, and other valuable stats into a .csv file that appears in a similar format to what's in /mailings. 

Then, of course, being able to set how far back in time to go with the export would be great too.

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Link to MeetUp group member profiles, not just MeetUp profiles for People

If I paste in a MeetUp member profile from one of the groups I manage:

East Bay Cohousing - Berkeley/Oakland/Emeryville/SF

Berkeley, CA
3,204 Future Neighbors and Cohousers

Imagine lively people-scaled  communities dotting the San Francisco Bay Area - places co-created by their residents for raising kids, for  retirement, for growing food or simp...

Next Meetup

Housing for All: From Homeless Encampments to Tiny House Eco...

Monday, Mar 2, 2015, 6:00 PM
27 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

NB converts it to the generic MeetUp profile, which is much less helpful and lacks the context and questions, and sometimes doesn't even show which groups the person is a member of:


It would be much more valuable if:

(a) NB retained the pasted URL, including the part with the group.

(b) NB could have multiple MeetUp profiles per person, one per group, perhaps limited to Groups that I've entered as Organizations of type "MeetUp Group".

(c) NB would track the group membership as a Relationship: Member of __ - ideally automatically add Prospects, appropriately tagged, as members join the group.

(d) When clicking "Send a MeetUp" message on a person's Dashboard, it should go to send a message via that group, which MeetUp then highlights in the messages area, making it more l likely to be opened than a message sent generically from any other MeetUp user.

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Separate the date from the time in exports

You should have separate cells for the date and the time when you export donation information to excel, in fact you should have custom report formats in which you should be able to choose what information you need when exporting donations, but you should at the very least export the date differently from the time.

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Add additional options for recurring donations like weekly, quarterly and annually

We would like to additional options for recurring donations including weekly, quarterly and annually. Many of our donors who also get corporate matching funds have to fill out a form for each donation. This makes monthly donations cumbersome. If they had a quarterly or annual option then they would only have to fill it out 1 or 4 times a year. Also, for small organizations, simply doing an annual donation and then setting up a "reminder" can be very time consuming.

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A way to run an auction either through the donation page or moneybomb or something totally new.

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Donation tracking code --> stripe description

Stripe transactions have a field called description, that is left with a 'null' value by NationBuilder transactions. It is therefore impossible to determine the source or type of transaction from the stripe side.

It would be awesome if the donation tracking code value was poked into the description field on the stripe side.

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Allow front end users to sync up their event with Facebook and Meetup pages they have already made.

A lot of our supporters are extremely Facebook literate and often make event pages for things they are doing locally. Their events they host often correlate with the vision and purpose of our organization and we would like them to be able to sync up this information without having us do it for them in the back-end when they add their event to our events page.

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Facebook Likes Count Towards Suggestion Box

Would be good to have the ability to hook Facebook likes with a particular tag in a suggestion box. We are finding people are liking the item when we share it but less likely to go to the page and pass feedback on it. Having an automatic capture would be fantastic.

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If Twitter pic equals egg then use Facebook instead... :-)

Now, here's a real nut for you to crack, or rather an egg to break:

Many folk get matched to Twitter and Facebook but haven't really built a Twitter profile, leading to a lot of egg heads (default Twitter newbie icons) as NationBuilder profiles. Never looks great when appearing in bulk...

Unless you come up with a solution to detect the eggs and overwrite them, it might make sense to give preference to Facebook profile pics?

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Allow direct links for redirect pages

Redirect pages seem like an awkward compromise to allow consistency of link management, whilst reluctantly allowing external links.

On my site http://www.site.com I want to link to my external hosted forums https://forums.site.com/ However due to how the page linking works, my link is instead of http://www.site.com/forums/ which redirects.

This non-standard method of linking strips valuable data from the user

  • The fact the the link is an external link
  • The URL of the external link
  • The (improved security) protocol of the external link

I'm rather disappointed by this implementation overall.

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Make a person do not contact for a period of time (holiday etc.)

Would be ideal if you can make someone do not contact for a set period of time if they are on holidays or illness etc.  You could mark as followup on a certain is the only other alternative currently.  

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Make text autoresponses available in both languages

We have an event posted in two languages with two separate keywords for people to RSVP so that I can update everyone who responds with the Spanish text word as "Preferred Language = Spanish." That said, I can't customize the series of autoresponses they get prompting them to share their name and email address. Those will be in English. I need to be able to set those to be in Spanish.

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Compare dates from different fields

We can currently compare activity only around a specific date. For example, we can look at people who became supporters after 2/1/2015 and those who interacted with a broadcaster on Twitter before or on 2/1/2015.

It would be very useful to also filter for people who became supporters after or on the date of their first interaction with a broadcaster on Twitter. Or, for example, filter everyone where the date of most their most recent donation is on the date they were last contacted.

This sort of feature would be incredibly useful for measuring the effectiveness of engagement on email, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Option to add Mailing Address to People list display

On any list of people (and the main "People" page) I'd like to be able to see people's physical address in addition to the other information. We do local neighborhood organizing and so this is a very important feature.

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Need the field expiration date to be printable or downloadable

so we can keep our memberships up-to-date.

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Which template is used when Who can view this site is set to Logged In

I am working on a site and when I set Who can view this site? to Logged in

The home page redirects to /forms/user_sessions/new

In this case which is the template that is used?

I tried editing both layout.html and splash.html

But both are not getting applied

If I change the setting to Anyone

The same page looks correct and layout.html markup gets applied

Its just that when the setting is anything other then Anyone , some other markup is applied

Can you throw some light on this


Official response from completed

Hey Ajjaykummar, the log-in page there uses the "user_sessions_new_wide.html" template, found under the Account Templates header in your custom theme's Template tab.

Note that you're only directed to that template in order to sign-in; once you're signed in, you'll be able to view the home page which is set to "Logged In" under "Who can view this site?"

Hope that helps!

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View email blast details from Person's record

Hi There, I think it would be useful to be able to access information about which email blasts a person has been sent as well as the open/clicked details from right within a person's record in the Control Panel.


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