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Exporting Tags in multiple Cells in Excel rather than just one

Is there anyway when exporting to export tags in separate columns rather than all tags in just one columns, can you change formats for export/ decided what will be exported? 

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Records Should Always Merge 'Into' The Highest ID

When using the automated method of merging records, the record with the highest ID number should automatically be the record that's being merged 'into'.

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Potential Matches - Add 'These are all the same person' Button

When there is more than one potential match for a record, the 'None of these are the same person' button is available. There should also be a 'These are all the same person' button so all the records can be merged at once.

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Make it possible to move phone #s into another field while doing a merge

We have a number of duplicate contacts for which we have two different phone numbers. I'd like to merge them, but the interface forces me to select a home phone #. I would rather make one be the home phone and push the other into office phone so we don't lose the alternate phone number.

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Toggle/sort pages on Website menu

On the website main page, where all the pages are, it would be nice to be able to toggle/sort the pages categories (slug, name, type, etc.).


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Suggestion box "picture" should automatically upload as meta image

When users make a suggestion and add a picture, this picture should automatically become the suggestion's social media image so that when you prompt them to share the picture is appended. 

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Architect request: a way to edit volunteer roles from the control panel

Tags from volunteer signups are standard tags, and aren't actually the volunteer roles themselves. Removing/adding tags corresponding to volunteer roles doesn't really change the roles for a signup.

Would it be possible to modify the actual volunteer roles in the control panel, in addition to having the "Volunteer" checkbox that removes all volunteer roles when unchecked?

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Notifications for failed donation attempts

Occasionally while scrolling through our Donations Activity page I see listings for people who had problems donating. It'd be great if NB could send me an email any time this happens. It strikes me that these are people I'd want to be notified about and reach out directly to ASAP to see how I can help them succeed in donating. Just recently I noticed that someone tried to donate $250 to us. If I could have reached out to him right away, we probably could have figured out a way to capture this donation. 
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Add Background to Call View and Data Entry View

This would be really helpful. How can we make this happen?

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Add "registered voter" to import data

For political campaigns it is very important for us to know who our registered voters are; it also helps when creating filters and lists for GOTV actions!

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Sending a facebook message opens new tab

When sending a facebook message, clicking the link "facebook message" should open a new window or tab. Novice users may get lost in facebook and not easily get back to their NB dashborad.

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Integrate with Webmoney Payment Processor

AmericaAgain! is 'the Edward Snowden of American membership organizations' -- our mission is to enforce the U.S. Constitution against D.C. organized crime that uses Congress as its puppet.  Given our mission, AmericaAgain! has decided to use Moscow-based 'Webmoney' as our payment processor for donations and member dues.

NationBuilder has integrated much smaller foreign-based payment processors.  Would you kindly advise us whether you will integrate with Webmoney in the near future?

Thank you.

Official response from

NationBuilder prioritizes payment processors and donation systems supported by Active Merchant. We are not immediately adding new processors, but in the future will consider more. All processors and donations tools are free to use our open API to post transactions to donor profiles within NationBuilder. Documentation on the Donations API is here.

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Disable all notification button

Disable all notification buttons on Your Notifications or increase the label size for each checkbox.



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Zapier Integration

Would be great to find NationBuilder among the 300+ supported apps of this great service.


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Support for credit card scanning in iOS 8

I'm not on the iOS 8 beta, but one new feature is the ability to scan credit cards from inside Safari. Can we make this is supported, both within the dashboard, and on customer-facing donation and payment pages?

In particular, it would streamline the the processing of payments at events.

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Dynamic Filters for Donation section

The Dynamic Filter section under people is great and would be incredibly valuable under Donations as well

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Export email statistics to Excel

As a Comms Director, I like to report our email blast statistics to our team, but there is currently no way to export those statistics to Excel - I have to do it manually.  Would love this feature!



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Sub-nation contact details and email footers

Currently the main nation's contact details are appended to the bottom of all sub-nation email blasts.

Please add a section for sub-nation contact details and auto-populate that information into that sub-nation's email blasts.

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Specify account "pause" (and non-billing) to specify by sub-nations, and sites

Would love to see a “Pause” button for sub-nations and sites, more specific than pausing the whole account/nation as present.

The work-around seems to be opening a whole second “archive” account, exporting your site(s) over, and then pausing that whole account before the the free trial period ends and bills you for your archive.

From NB’s revenue point of view, keep in mind that restricting sites to full delete doesn’t really incentivize users to keep their secondary sites active (and billable) so much as it just discourages us from quickly re-launching (and paying for) those sub-sites again when desired (e.g. anything seasonal, annual festival/convention sites, electoral campaigns pausing for next cycle, etc) And I can't imagine the cost in cloud file size matters much for archived site data...

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Events: add checkboxes for vegetarian, disability, etc.

Seems pretty basic, but we'd love to have the option of checkboxes when people RSVP or purchase tickets to events, so we can find out if they need vegetarian options, an aisle seat, a special seat, etc. Thanks!

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