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Filter by website

Would be great if we could filter by website signup source - so x.nationbuilder.com, or y.nationbuilder.com, or... etc.

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Email blast slugs too short

Make the email blast slugs longer!

If you start your email with a date reference i.e. YYMMDD or 141023_ you basically use up half your characters.

(I know there is a date column but it isn't useful because NB has a timeago plugin that obscures when the email was actually sent. Yes I know I can mouse over but when there's 50 of them its not very helpful)

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Ability to Make Free Tickets as well as Paid Tickets in the Same Event

Can you please update the event portion of the calendar?  Some helpful updates would be the ability to make free tickets (ie for optional small group sessions within the larger event) , ability to limit the number of each ticket level that is being offered (ex. event can have 200 people, you want to have 5 ticket levels - 1st has 10 tickets, 2nd has 15, 3rd has 25, 4th has 50, and the 5th has 100.  When a ticket level has been sold out, it would then be shaded in/ability to request it removed.

All of this is much more professional than having to create several different mini event pages for the same main event, just because you have paid and unpaid portions of the program.


Thank you! Look forward to your response.

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Update Google Analytics Code

Can you update the Google Analytics tracking code so we can start access Demographics and Interest reports.


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Broadcaster Permissions for Assitants

When assigning broadcasters to be available to people with a given permission set, I've discovered that ONLY people with that same exact permission can use that Broadcaster.

I'd love to see a change such that is we assign access permissions to a certain broadcaster, people with that permission set OR HIGHER can see and use that broadcaster.  

We have several 'assistants' who be job definition must have lower privs than their bosses.  

But if we adjust the broadcaster so the assistant can use the broadcaster, their boss with higher permissions can no longer see or use that broadcaster.  Works against us and becomes a PITA as you can imagine.  We don't want to set up two broadcasters for these teams

Ron Robinson


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ID Links to Specific Amount on Donation Page

Donation links are SO important when sending out emails!

It would be nice if NationBuilder add the ability to add id tags to donation page links like http://yournation.com/donate?amount=35.

This way donors would only have to click Next.

Additionally, NationBuilder could even add all the email recipients info into the link so it autocompletes and the donor has to do is click Next>Next>Donate. Like this:



For an example of this I refer you to: https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/dcccoct2014?&amount=35&email=james.bond@sis.gov.uk&firstname=James&lastname=Bond&address=1000%20Rodeo%20Drive&city=Los%20Angeles&state=CA&zip=90001&phone=424.262.0000&occupation=CEO&employer=Universial%20Exports

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Link for supporters to "update contact information" in email templates

What i'm looking for is the email templates to carry a line on the bottom (similar to "unsubscribe") that says "update your contact information".  Just a prompt for them to know that they can go in and update their email.  otherwise, they reply to the email and ask for us to do it.  I want them to see something that indicates they can change their email address, for example, by themselves.  

thanks and love to you all for creating such a wonderful platform.


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Unsubscribe clicks counted in CTR

Nationbuilder should not count /unsubscribe click throughs in the CTR. 

Either that, or when a user unsubscribes through an email their click is removed from the click stats.

It is misleading and annoying that I have to do arithmetic every time I look at my stats to remove the unsubscribe rate and see the performance of my content.

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Allow semantic HTML tags in the Content Fields for a page / don't filter so hard

Hi there NationBuilder. My plans to build a custom theme with an editable slideshow are seemingly thwarted by the Content field in the basic page. It appears that most of the semantic HTML5 fields you can use in place of DIV get filtered out of the HTML editor when you next update the content through the HTML field (article, aside, details, figcap, figure, footer, header, main, nav, section, summary, and time).

This isn't the greatest situation - sometimes, you need to make hooks for certain user editable content, and it's nice to just tell a client "surround this content in 'article' and magic will happen." Also, it seems to filter tag pairs with no content between them, which clobbers the usual use of Font Awesome (every now and then, you need to stick an icon in and Font Awesome is really handy for that. So I'd like either these tags not stripped or to have control over what gets stripped out in a site setting of some kind. Thanks!

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Add a Image to right hand side of header

A nation I am working on would like to have an image on the right hand side of the site in line with the logo. I am using aware theme (v2). I have not been able to do this. 


I've tried to add it just after site-logo code but I can't get it to align right and the correct size. Any suggestions? 

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Prevent Petition Submission without a complete address

Our Petition is tied to the petition signer's voting district.  We are getting many petitions where signers are only putting their street address, forgetting to put their city, state, and zip as well...

I have checked the "Require Address" checkbox in the petition settings...But the system is allowing incomplete addresses...This is a problem...I need you to prevent submission if someone does not submit a FULL ADDRESS...


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Use Text Keywords for Survey Responses

It would be really useful to be able to run a survey over text messages as well as by the web.

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Key for Support Level on walk sheets

The new walk sheet templates are missing the Key for what the numerical support level choices mean. Please update? thanks!


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Twitter =/ supporters

I get your rationale behind labeling Twitter followers as supporters, but this really needs to be something we can change. Not everyone wants to use it in this way, and having no ability to alter the way Twitter followers are automatically labeled is a pain.

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Renaming Email subscription button

How do you rename the email subscription button on the Home Page when using the Aware theme?

I want to change it from Join to Subscribe as I want a paid membership feature.

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Add Stripe Recurring Billing

Happy to see that Stripe was recently added as a payment gateway.

Requesting that Stripe's recurring billing option be added :)

Official response from planned
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Keep public profiles limited to the site(s) of signup

We run several sites for several projects on a single nation. Some had public profiles turned on, others off.

It appears that sites that have public profiles turned on would then show all signups in the nation, no matter what site these people used to join and no matter whether public profiles were enabled or disabled in the respective settings of that original site.

We now had to switch public profiles off on all sites as an emergency measure. 

Now my feature request is: Can we have a setting that would allow public profiles for a site but only for people who actually signed up on that particular site?

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Print Hard Copies of Petitions

After creating an online petition, it would be really useful to be able to print a branded, hard copy version for use while knocking doors or leaving in shops etc. 

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