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DIrectory: make number of profiles to show configurable

adding a configurable number of profiles to display per page would be great, a la the blog's "number of posts to show at a time"

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Followup function should be more robust

It would be tremendously helpful if followups included notes, and even more helpful if we were able to tag individual staffers as responsible for the followup. Thanks!

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"COUNT Fields" Function, Custom Sorting For Walk Sheets,

I'd like to make custom walk sheets where there is an overview page that counts other fields only on the list to be printed.

For example:

# of potential members (prospects on the list)

# of Members (Members on the list)

Density (Members divided by Members + Prospects)


# of people with supporter level 1

# of people with supporter level 2

# of people with supporter level 3

# of people with supporter level 4

# of people with supporter level 5

# of people tagged with ______.

I'd also like to be able to group and sort for these walk sheets in more powerful ways (like how filters work).

For example:

Sort by Employer, Tag (worksite) ,  Tag (shift), and then Support Level

This would be useful for many kinds community and union organizing.



# of p

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site.has_donation_page? and site.has_signup_page? are awesome, how about site.has_feedback page?

site.has_donation_page? and site.has_signup_page? are awesome, a site.has_feedback_page? var would be great for automating display of contact page links....

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Allow emails links to pre-fill donation amounts

Many other staged donation gateways allow links to determine a value for a donation in the link it self, for example a 'Donate $5' link in an email would take you to the second step the staged donation form with the value $5 pre-filled. This reduces the number of steps taken to complete a donation, adding to the likelihood it will be made. 

The staged donation form should allow these kinds of preset amounts to select the value in advance.

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Auto-response email tailored by volunteer role

It would be great organising practise if it were possible to have different auto-responses for the volunteer page depending on what role(s) were selected. This could be implemented with liquid such that particular passages in the email would or would not appear, depending on tag choice.

The benefit would be more tailored communication with less effort.

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Limit RSVPs per person

I did some searching and found a post, but didn't actually find this as a suggestion, so here it is.

Give us the ability to limit the RSVPs per person. Sure, we can limit the total, but what good does it do to let someone have +4 (or more) then never show?

This should be a basic part of the Events feature; I'm kind of stunned it isn't.

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Communications sent page is useless - make it useful

"1 to 30 of 100,000 contacts" is not very useful for anyone.

Why can't I see a list of every single email blast with the broadcaster, target and stats? Why do I have to constantly replicate basic features in Excel because Nationbuilder cannot do it?

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Option to list all memberships

an array of all of a user's memberships would be very handy... (currently, only the most recently joined membership is available...)

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"Last donation amount is..."

Filter by last donation amount. Basic feature and easy to implement.

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Petitions List page type just like calendar or blog


If there is a page type for parent of petitions, it would be great.

Right now, I can create a basic custom page to manage its sub-petition pages. But I hope it will need to create a built-in page type.


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organize by organization



We are a trade association and mange our member database through Nation Builder. Our memberships are organized by Business Names and not the individuals First and Last.

Is there a way to setup our contact database of "people" to be sorted by organization? As well can we add membership level types to a contact?


Official response from completed

Benjamin, you're in luck! We just released organization profiles as a way of keeping track of them within your people database.

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Pages of type redirect should have target="_blank" as an option

Pages of type redirect should have target="_blank" as an option. It would be nice to have this option under the Redirect Settings for the page. 

It would be nice to be able to add the other ones as well:



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Accurate date of entry on dashboard

It could be just me, is there a setting to make the dashboard for a person show the exact date an entry/activity was made or logged? If not this is needed, at the moment our dashboard says "1 month ago" for an activity - I don't believe this means 1 month to the day, in fact it could be several weeks out.


This would be a fairly quick fix I would presume and would GREATLY enhance our use of Nationbuilder as a case management tool

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Allow a read-only subset of the API to be called without authentication

We need to pull in data via AJAX to our NationBuilder site to populate it dynamically (we are hacking tags to link Events to Pages).  However, being client-side we can't implement OAuth but we don't need to POST any data.

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Filter events by date range or tag

I need to be able to create a calendar page that offers date range filters and tag filters for the events.  This would be made available from the Liquid template "page.calendar" object, ideally.

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ID numbers

I'd like the ability to edit any and all ID numbers, as when I accidentally merge into the WRONG ID #, it seems it cannot be restored.

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mouse over on map icon shows short description of person without clicking

Would it be possible to have when during mapview, moving the mouse over an icon on the map would show a popup box with the person's name?  By doing this you would not have to click on an icon every time you want to see who the person is.  If it is who you want, then click and bring up the full profile or more info.

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Add "Pledge Fulfilled" feature

We have a long list of pledges listed by date- some have been fulfilled, others not.  Can we introduce a button that states that a pledge is fulfilled, without deleting the pledge?  It would also be great to have a way to link a donation to a pledge regardless of what name the pledge was made under.  For example, we have a pledge made by a company that was paid by the company, but it's under an employee's NB account (paid with company credit card) and we cannot figure out how to list that pledge as fulfilled.

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Subscription Management

It would be great if there was one location--even if it's on the Unsubscribe page--where we could provide newsletter options and the user could (un)subscribe to the various options. Checkboxes would be the best bet. Too much workaround currently.

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