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Access Credit Card Authorization Code

Authorization Code is one of the fields that you allow when importing donations.  However, within the interface, I can't seem to access this code information.  Am I missing something obvious?  Thanks!

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Use a date picker in event "When" field

Why should we fill event dates in the following format: "August 05, 2015 at 7:30pm"? Could we use a "date picker" please? It's pretty frustrating to have to time every date in full text.

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Would be great if NB could integrate with for fundraising.



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Cloned Events Should Copy Tags

If it is already an option to clone and event I don't understand why tags can't be cloned as well. This would save a lot of time and be helpful to my organization.

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Archive People

There should be an option to archive people profiles. For instance, we have people who have donated in the past or have been a member and recently their email bounces back or their snail mail is returned. Instead of deleting them from the nation I would like the option of "archiving" their profile. That way when/if they resurface with updated information we can access the notes and membership history.

For now, I am switching them to prospects.

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Embed survey in any page type

I'd really love to be able to embed a survey in any page type, not just a survey page. I have a blog post now, and want to ask people to respond with a survey, not comments, for example.  

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Make "Suggestion" language easily customizable. We're building QA, not suggestions

Simply need to change Add a Suggestion to Ask a Question

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Group Invoicing

I'd love to be able to, rather than input each invoice individually under Finances > Transactions > + Transaction, be able to send a list of people the same invoice. For example, all attendees of a course who have yet to pay - each invoice will request the same amount, for the same "product". As it stands, I have to manually enter the same information for different people multiple times. 

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Point Person Determined by Volunteer Role

My newest client has many subchapters and having a volunteer page for each single one in order to properly associate them with a point person is a nightmare!

If the volunteer page had the ability to not only have volunteer roles/tags assigned to each person, but also have a point person determined based on those selections, it would be a huge help and shrink site sizes substantially. Something similar could be done when asking users to tag themselves upon signup.

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Internal Search!

Please allow for an internal search of outward facing website content!


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Value based followups and expiry dates for follow-ups

Working with a range of nation, I find the follow up dashboard view quickly gets overwhelming or unhelpful due to out of date follow ups from pages.

For example, people mark every donor as requiring follow up, but then realise they are only actually going to call donors who donate more than $500. This would be a common request and it would be great to target the follow up in this way.

Either way, sometimes life gets busy and you can't make follow up calls for a period. It would great to easily move follow ups more than say 6 weeks old move from 'overdue' to an expired list.

Currently you can only do this with a manual batch update by contact type.

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Adding "Contains" to Custom Field Filter *URGENT*

We are proud to be one of Nation Builder's first clients and we are now working with thousands of records. My Nation, "ThePartnershipNJ", desperately needs to be able to filter custom fields (like "Household Name") using the filter "contains" rather than "is, is not, exists". If we do not have this feature we will not be able to look up more complicated names or misspelled ones if they are typed slightly differently than they were inputted. This is a huge problem. The names in the First Name and Last Name fields are constantly being altered and updated based on who signs up with which e-mail address. We need the names of each of our donors and event attendees to be written somewhere in a consistent way and to have the ability to look people up and find them based on filtering a custom field that cannot be altered by the e-mail user. Please notify me at if you are able to do change this feature.

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A better editor

The html editor is quite basic compared to other offerings.

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Limit number of event tickets available

When you set up an event, it looks like the system will limit the # of tickets available if you fill in the # of tickets available field.

This doesn't do anything - I set up an event to sell 120 tickets and logged in yesterday and saw we were already at 127.

Can you either 1) Make this field functional and shut down sales once the max is reached or 2) Remove the # of tickets available field since it seems to be useless.

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The Label on Featured Content Slider should be clickable to the link as well as the picture

The Label on Featured Content Slider should be clickable to the link as well as the picture -- its counteerintuitive that you can't click on both to get you to the linked page and causes quite some confusion

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Make "Contact status" customizable

I'm trying to use the Call List to reach out to a group of people, one by one. I'd like to be able to update the "Contact status" to show that I've actually emailed information packages to specific people. 

It would be great if we could edit the Contact Status types in the same way as we can edit other lists like this.

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Multiple currencies

NB should support multiple currencies within a single nation - its a pretty standard feature in most other websites.



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Dynamic Logo

You know what would be awesome?

If logo size could change dynamically according to top nav rows.

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In NationBuilder: 

1). Only one Permission Set at a time can 'view' a broadcaster.
2). The 5 user-definable Permission Sets have no established hierarchy.

In a large Nation, these 2 factors make managing the Communications module's user-level security a challenge. If a broadcaster could have multiple 'viewers' or the Permission Sets had a simple hierarchy, managing access to NationBuilder broadcasters would be easier.

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Template maintaining when cloning a mailing

When creating a clone blast, the template disappears and you must start writing from the scratch. Could you change it so that the original mail remains? 

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