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Display outgoing auto-response text messages on a person's profile stream

Outgoing auto-response text messages should be added to the person's profile stream. They are not at the moment. They should because without it only one half of the conversation (incoming text messages) are being recorded, leading to a fractured record of communication.

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Allow multiple Memberships (self and/or gifts) to be associated to a single donation

Sometimes, a donation is made for multiple memberships. Currently, the system only allows you to specify a single recipient of that membership. The system should allow multiple memberships to be associated with that donation.

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{{ donation.billing_address.phone }} should be text, not a number

{{ donation.billing_address.phone }} renders telephone numbers that begin with 0 incorrectly. They should be not rendered as a number, but as text.

For example: 020 123 456 78 renders as 10 123 456 78, which is not a telephone number in the UK.

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Contact Page- Drop Down Box to Select Category of Message i.e. General, Press Inquiry etc.

To meet the needs of our supporters in a timely and effective way we would like for them to be able to self select where the message needs to be directed. Is it a general e-mail, a press inquiry or perhaps something else? When they make a selection we would like it to be able redirect their message to a point person who is responsible for that type of inquiry. For example a press inquiry would be redirected to our PR person, a general inquiry would go to a site admin etc.

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Please add "Send Test Donation Receipt" button to Donation Settings > Autoresponse

Email blasts have a Save and preview button, and a they also have a Send Test Email button:

I wish donation receipts  had a "Send Test Donation Receipt" button at the Donation Settings > Autoresponse screen similar to Send Test Email button on email body. It would be so helpful!

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Saving email blasts

Please add an autosave function to email blasts. At least add a simple "save" button that allowed you to continue to work, instead of "save and preview" which takes you to the preview page, would be helpful.

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Donation Pages - selecting an amount should clear "other" field and vice versa

Currently, if you have an amount selected (via radio button) and then type in an "other" amount, it process the donation as the "other" amount. Having the 'other' field automatically clear out when an amount is selected and having a button be de-selected when the 'other' field is filled in would be ideal.

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Finance Filter should show sum of donations

Finance Filter page should show total of donations alongside total number of donors.

Right now I have to export a CSV, open in Excel, fix an encoding problem using find/replace, and then add up the donations.

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Adding federal,state and local district options in regular import drop down list

Please add Federal, State and Local district options in the drop down list for regular import. Non-US customers don't have the option for voter file import, so we must manually import. Which means dual importing.

It's several extra steps that could be avoided if you just added those three options in the drop down list for regular imports.

Official response from planned

Thanks so much for the suggestion. We're actually planning to unify all of our imports into one interface. Completing that project should remove the extra steps for you. 

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Please add we pay!

Please add We Pay as a 3rd party payment platform.  My organization does not want to support PayPal and have been successfully using WePay for several years now.  We need reoccurring payment options and none of the other options you support allow for that.  



Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project

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Transition Cascade to a v2 theme

We'd love to have more of the v1 themes moved to the new responsive platform! These themes have been reliable and we love the way they look. If we had to pick one more, it would be Cascade - a great, clean theme.

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An Update Notification feature that shows when a BATCH UPDATE has completed.

You already have that pop-up message: "Updating N people.  It may take a minute or two to process."  But then that message NEVER updates with a "Batch Update Completed" message.


And then.... nothing.  Without a confirmation update message, I don't know whether the process completed without error or interruption.


You have confirmation messages for other actions: saving edits about a person or an event, for instance.  This should work just like that.



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Stats on Autoresponses

It would be great if each page-type that supported auto responses included basic email stats on how those auto responses performed: sent, open, clicks, etc

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Allow Memberships to be assigned an actual expiration date on a Donations page

On the Donations page, it currently allows you to set up a page with a Membership, but the expiration date option only allows you to enter a time period. We have a model where each Membership will have a term that ends on the same date for everyone. So it would be ideal to have the option of entering in a hard date. For instance, we would have a "General Membership (2014/2015 Term)" set up in the system, and the expiration date for everyone would be on July 1, 2015.

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Add Filtering Potential Duplicates By Scenario

In the Duplicate Processing Module, I suggest adding 4 new scenarios and a list box of these Scenarios that we can filter Potential Matches by. That way users could focus on the most likely duplicates - not just on a randomly generated list. 

1). Names match and Emails match

2). Names match and Phone Numbers match

3). Names match and Cities match

4). Profiles previously skipped (could be reviewed by Senior Staffers) 


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Make it so that logged in people can submit information multiple times

Make it so that logged in people can submit information multiple times. Related to our nominations process, we had people log in: http://www.newleaderscouncil.org/nominations_2015
Then we had to have them log out to submit a second nomination. If people are logged in, it's very hard to get new information from them. In general, could there be an automatic log out functionality or could logged in folks submit multiple kinds of information on a page such as this: http://www.newleaderscouncil.org/nominations_2015
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"Nomination" Type Page

We have a nominations process where we'd like to have the nominators and nominees both notified, and the nominee to receive an email that lists the nominator's name. See: http://www.newleaderscouncil.org/nominations_2015
Can NationBuilder's engineers build a "nomination" type page where nominees and nominators get emails and are referenced in each other's emails?
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Make Custom Fields Required

Right now, you can't make custom fields required on any pages. We'd love if the custom fields were required on pages like this: http://www.newleaderscouncil.org/nominations_2015


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Confirm Followup Before Dismissal

Our team in interested in using Followups to manage workflow, but find it is too easy for the follow up icon to be clicked. Important Followup can be lost because of an accidentally budge on a laptop. Could we have a setting that at least pops up to ask if we're sure we want to dismiss this feedback?

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Filtering by donation tracking code

It is currently possible to filter by people with a donation tracking code present. It would be useful to be able to exclude people with a tracking code.

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