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Specify account "pause" (and non-billing) to specify by sub-nations, and sites

Would love to see a “Pause” button for sub-nations and sites, more specific than pausing the whole account/nation as present.

The work-around seems to be opening a whole second “archive” account, exporting your site(s) over, and then pausing that whole account before the the free trial period ends and bills you for your archive.

From NB’s revenue point of view, keep in mind that restricting sites to full delete doesn’t really incentivize users to keep their secondary sites active (and billable) so much as it just discourages us from quickly re-launching (and paying for) those sub-sites again when desired (e.g. anything seasonal, annual festival/convention sites, electoral campaigns pausing for next cycle, etc) And I can't imagine the cost in cloud file size matters much for archived site data...

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Events: add checkboxes for vegetarian, disability, etc.

Seems pretty basic, but we'd love to have the option of checkboxes when people RSVP or purchase tickets to events, so we can find out if they need vegetarian options, an aisle seat, a special seat, etc. Thanks!

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Add name fields for optional guests to events

We'd love to be able to ask people buying tickets or RSVPing to events for the names of their guests. If they buy more than one ticket, or they RSVP +1, etc., we'd like the option to ask them who they are bringing. It would e cool if that would also try to match existing users, too. Bonus!

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Add Monthly Plans & Installments Donations to Advanced Search

It would be swell if you were able to query your supporters/donors based on who are donation or making a payment via a monthly plan or Installment program.

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Import issue: Show update list as well an added

Within the last 10 minutes, I have uploaded a small list of 85 new signups. However, the export showed that of the 85, 7 were updates rather than additions.

In order to determine what happened, I had to do an excel comparison to determine:

5 were, in fact, updates. There was an old prospect list on which they appeared.

2 were the spouses of existing contacts in the database. They shared addresses and email addresses, though not first names. Despite this, NationBuilder determined they were the same people as their spouses already in the system and updated their information - THUS ACTUALLY CORRUPTING THE DATA!

There are many issues here. The first might be to allow me to see in the UI, the 7 supposedly updated in the same way I can see the 78 additions. This will, at this point, make correcting NationBuilder's errors simpler.

I cannot imagine how many data errors are created due to the logic errors in the data import routines and schema.

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Export options

It would be exceedingly helpful to be able to select which fields you want to contain in an export. Exporting every field makes it very time consuming to clean up in a .csv file afterwards. If you could select which fields you want to export and then be able to save that setting and apply to future exports, like you can do with imports. That would make everyone's life a lot easier.

Also being able to select which order fields export in a .csv as would be a big improvement. 

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More options for custom fields (type + search)

It would be great if you could have a bigger selection of field types for custom fields. Currently you can only choose from text, number, checkbox and multiple choice. A great help would be allowing the following field types:
+ date (option of mm/dd/yy AND dd/mm/yy)
+ currency 

Also, an option to expand the "text"box in custom fields for larger pieces of information.

And finally, filtering by custom field could be improved by being able to search before/after a date/between two dates or number or have the option to use "contains" rather than just "is"/"is not" and "exists"/"does not exist".

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Google+ Integration

Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are our biggest three social media platforms. NationBuilder makes using Facebook and Twitter simple to update. Can we please see progress on integrating Google+ as well?

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Make Harvesting Email Addresses From Filter Results Easier

There isn't an easy way to harvest all the email addresses from Filter results in NationBuilder, there really should be.  Our volunteer list changes daily and most of the communication that occurs with them is done using email, not NB blasts.

We need an easy way to get the email addresses from Filter results, so we can quickly communicate with the correct people, via email.  Exporting a Filter to a CSV - just to get the email info - is a cumbersome solution.  The email info should be readily available for all Filter results.  There would be many uses for this feature.

Please consider adding another button, next to the '+' and '-' buttons that appear when Filter results are displayed.  The new button would launch a read-only, pop-up window, populated with the primary email addresses of everyone in the filter results - comma separated.

A user could then just copy/paste the email address info from the pop-up, into the To: field of an email.  Adding this feature would really save us a lot of time and help us grow our Nation faster.

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A boolean Advanced Search query for “has_password?”

I am in the process of migrating an organization with more than 2,000 paid memberships to NationBuilder. One of the key elements of the new site launch will be inviting existing members to visit the site, log into their member account, and get access to members-only pages and content.

These paying members have never visited the NationBuilder site before, and therefore do not have passwords to log into the site. I have devised a relatively straightforward way to invite them all to visit the site and create their password (using a modified “Password Reset” page), but I’m wary as to what the conversion rate for that process will be. I’d like to be able to track the people who have (or have not) created a password with a filter and send them a follow up invitation in a week or so.

Unfortunately, NationBuilder’s Advanced Search / Filtering functionality does not presently allow me to query which signup records have a password. The closest I can get is a query for who has logged in recently, but that is — at best — an inaccurate proxy for the data that I’m seeking (and which is contained in the database). 

My request is that a boolean query to allow filtering of the people database for signup records who (do or do not) have a password. 

Thanks for considering it.

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Permission set up needs to be re- thought out

The way NationBuilder's permission levels are set up is impacting our organizing in various ways. 

First, as several other people on this site have already pointed out, oftentimes within an organization there are different aspects and reasons why a staff member might be following up/tracking someone - i.e. for policy work, fundraising, and a specific program, or volunteering.  Different staff people manage different aspects and so need to be able to track and set follow ups.  Right now this is impossible.  The work around we've set up is for non-admin staff to have a follow up type of, for example, "Katie Follow Up." so they can track their follow ups that way without messing with the point person system that is set up for fundraising, mainly.  This isn't ideal because it doesn't tell them what their follow up is for.

Secondly, oftentimes we have non-staff people that we'd like to give permission to.  For example, an outside agency we contract with for outreach that wants to see the progress we're making on a certain campaign we're working on. Or, a volunteer who is helping on the fundraising committee. Unless I want to give them access to the entire database, which I obviously don't, the only option is to assign them as a point person.  This is maddening.  A.) As the head of fundraising, I want to remain the point person for key donors. B.) What if there are multiple people on the fundraising committee that I want to give access to a donor record?  Since only one person can be a point person, how does that work? The system starts to break down.

Thirdly, a related problem shows how the persmission issues overlap with NationBuilder's export system, which forces you to export the database everytime you export.  Let's say I suck it up and assign a group of donors to my outside agency person mentioned above, even with the problems that causes for my internal tracking.  And, lets say I don't want them to have access to finances/donor information (kind of a no-brainer, right?).  But, I give them the ability to export because obviously they need to be able to do that to have any use for the data, right?  Uh oh.  The way NB is set up that means they get to export all the financial/donor data on people, even if they couldn't have access to it in NB!!! This is a MAJOR OVERSIGHT and needs to be fixed.  

Please, please, please address this in the near future.

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Dashboard > Followup should show all followups

We use NationBuilder as our primary task tracking tool. The main suggestion is that Dashboard > Followup should show all followups, not just followups due today and overdue followups (it is cumbersome for staff to select a filter for their followups).

Other suggestions:

  • when a point person who has followups assigned to them leaves the organisation, it would be preferable for an easy/'one click' way to assign the followups to the remaining point people (to avoid having to change point person one by one or creating complex lists relying on tags for batch updating)
  • consider more customization of followups, for example custom name of followup or notes attached to followups, assign multiple people to the same followup
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Instagram Integration

Our largest constituency of social media users use instagram as their preferred way to communicate online. Any sense on the timeline of when it might be integrated?

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Remove email as a unique identifier

In every list I have received for import to NationBuilder, there is at least one couple which used the same email address. Most often, this reflects spouses. NationBuilder does not allow separate profiles to use the same email address.

This causes issues when trying to contact these separate individuals for targeted campaigns. Only the contact with which the email is associated receives email. In the case of a spouse, this means that should different campaigns be sent to men and women, one will not receive the message.

I have been told that I should add a + to the email address, which will create different addresses but trick the system into allowing both. However, as NB is not always my database master, this has me creating false data.

I do not understand how this is not an issue with every political candidate but it is an issue for several with which I am acquainted.


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Upload Files: Allowing the option to upload a mp3 the file

When creating a page, you may currently upload pictures to "Files" but there is no way to upload an mp3 file. Please let me know if I am mistaken.

Currently you can embed an mp3 file that already exists on a third party website, and when you have an mp3 file on your computer you must first upload it to a third party website to embed it in your page.

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Load web fonts with cross origin headers

Right now when we add custom domain to the nation and if we have webfonts in our theme we will need to host fonts elsewhere to support cross origin headers. It would be great if it loaded with cross origin headers from nationbuilder. 

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3 website refinements we'd love to see

My point person, Jeff M, has already received a number of suggestions for enhancements to the website editing functions. Won't repeat them here. Below are 3 others. If this is not the correct venue for posting these suggestions, please let me know.

1.  Use same image editor configuration for posts, events and email.
The Insert/Edit pop-up in the posts and event Content screen do not include a field for direct viewing or editing of inline CSS. The Insert/Edit pop-up provided in the email Body screen does. (It offers 3 tabs: General, Appearance, and Advanced. Inline CSS editing is possible in the Appearance tab.)  That field makes it unnecessary to open the no-line-break HTML window, find the image tag, and add CSS rules there-- which is very time-consuming. Why not provide the expanded image editor configuration in posts and event editing? Please.

2. Provide "Before" and "After the Fold content fields for Events pages.
I use excerpts of Events posts on our home page. To do so, I carefully count the words so that the Intro will break at the word count I've set with "truncatewords" in my template. Also unnecessarily time-consuming. Can you provide the same "Before the fold" and "After the Fold" content fields for the Events' Body  as you do for the Posts Content? (Also, name the two content screens identically: Content.) More consistency between the various content types will make it easier for us to train our team to use NationBuilder website tools.

3. Provide more direct access to"Clear cache" link.  Or...
Because we have a number of pages that display content (blog excerpts) from another page, I often need to clear the site cache to update the display of event and post excerpts on our home page. (http://www.sunflower-alliance.org/) The "Clear cache" link is at least 2 clicks and long-page-refreshes away. How about putting the "Clear cache" link immediately below the orange Publish button on all blog/event editing pages?
Or better yet, enable an option to automatically clear site cache whenever we publish or update a post?

Thank you for consideration of my suggestions.


Official response from considering

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your suggestions! I'm going to move your post to our suggestions board.

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Batch Updating Should Be A Separate Permission

The ability to batch update data should be a separate right in a permission set.  Just because you have permission to search/filter a Nation's data, doesn't mean you should have the right to batch update that data. 

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Add 'Fundraising Goal' to Advanced Search

Currently in Advanced Search you can't search for supporters who've set a fundraising goal. Would be great to have this added so you can report on and take action on people running peer-to-peer campaigns. 

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Ability to export bad email addresses marked as bad

Currently if you export bad email addresses, anyone with more than one email addresses will have all their email addresses exported and none marked as 'bad.'

I have 253 people with bad email addresses who have more than one email address in the export and I now have to individually look them up in my nation to work out which email address is bad.

Please fix this.

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