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Add search functionality to feature requests

This would result in less duplicate requests, and allow us to add our support to existing suggestions.

(Which happens to be the advice your organisers give us for feature requests, despite making it as hard as possible for us.)

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Make petition signers 'sorta_logged_in' to match behaviour of signup pages.

At the moment when someone signs a petition, they aren't considered logged in or sorta logged in. However, the default behaviour on signup pages is for users to become sorta logged in when they submit the form.

Not only is this annoyingly inconsistent, it makes it impossible to give people referral links to share the petition after they've signed it. We can get around it by using signup pages styled as petitions, but that's kinda beside the point of having petition pages!

Please change the behaviour of petition pages to match signup pages.

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Add Events Panel to Dashboard

It often takes 5-6 clicks to navigate to the critical info on an event, such as RSVPs, Attendees, Timing, location, etc. If you have a calendar setup as a sub-page of another event, you must first navigate to the first page, then sub-page, then click on the event to get to the settings.  It'd be helpful to have an events panel in the dash board that could: 

- Show all events, chronologically or by location

- Allow easy access to event settings pages

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If the autoresponder function allowed you to schedule delivery of existing email blast(s), it would be like having a primitive workflow engine in NationBuilder. You could schedule a series of relevant email blasts to be sent automatically, at the optimum time, all based on the user's actions. 

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Description field on tags

Maintaining tag libraries is valuable for any organization using NB. Currently I keep a shared spreadsheet with clients or an admin accessible page of the site with a tag descriptions.

On one of the sites, tags are used not only to filter people in the db, but to provide rewards in a virtual trophy case on their profile page. It is a major pain having to maintain documentation of this for control panel users. It would be extremely beneficial for there to be a description field when you click People / Tags / View All. 

Currently this list just shows an edit button, the tag, and number of records holding that tag. 

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Make the Notification Auto-responder that Generates After Sign-in, Customizable.

Currently this message is very generic and just asks the user to confirm they signed up. However, this is a key time of developing a relationship with this user and if they already signed up they are more likely to get more actively involved if you tell them how. Since this "script" is not customizable currently we are unable to have them watch a video, point them to a page that would be good to start on, on the website, or give them materials you know they are going to ask for in the future. By being able to customize this communication with our users we are more likely to develop raving fans who become more engaged sooner and I think that's a thing everybody wants who uses NationBuilder to develop their site.

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Skrill Donation Support

Skrill has emerged as a great alternative to PayPal for both money transfer and online payment solutions. Paypal has been known to be selective of political clientele and cancel accounts due to perceived conflicts. For organizations with subchapters, their prepaid cards are a great way to distribute money from a centralized source.

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Events Displayed Until End Date

It would be helpful to have an option to have events displayed on the events page through to the end time. Currently, the set-up is that they expire and disappear from public view after the event starts. However, for longer events (week- or month-long events), it would be helpful to have them displayed until the event finishes, so that people can still RSVP after the event has started.

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Track Unsubscribes

It would be great to have a feature that tracks unsubscribed contacts. That way, when a new import of contacts occurs, those that have previously unsubscribed are not allowed to be added back into the system. This would help reduce the number of people marking email blasts as spam. A option to re-opt in could be available so that anyone sincerely wanting to receive email communications could do so voluntarily.

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Texts blasts: Rude autoresponse

I discovered that when NationBuilder receives a text sent to removed the sender from the text list (Remove, Stop, etc), the system automatically send out the response Goodbye.


Not surprisingly:

1. This is a global system response and cannot be customized be text blast or by client.

2. Many people consider this RUDE!

I would suggest that, while the text functionality is useful, to be very careful in selecting NationBuilder for this functionality rather than a competitive service. 

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Text blast: Method to see, in aggregate, replies to texts

After sending a text blast, one will surely want to see the texted replies. While one can see these one by one, it is not possible from within the UI to create a useful report including the content of the replies.

In order to do so, one must snapshot the database, download it, restore it to a postgres database, identify the appropriate tables and data and query the database directly. While doable, this is highly inconvenient and non-dynamic, requiring significant repetition of actions each time a report is required.

It would seem obvious that when providing even a basic text blast service that this functionality would be required. While the service has benefits, its lack of certain basics is a specific incentive to utilize an external service.

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Add og:title editor in Social Media features

There's already one for og:description so it should be fairly simple to add this in so we can control the title that pops up in Facebook shares.

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Distance search interface needs fixed.

On a calendar page, when a distance search is done and the results come back, the page refreshes and comes back the postal code or address prompt and the distance is reset to 25. This confuses users who think the search criteria have been lost or not working. I have been told by users that: "the search is broken because it keeps resetting to 25 miles" They want the search criteria used to find events to be obvious and displayed.

Plase have the search form reflect the parameters entered when the 'search button' was pressed, or at teh least modify the “Found XX events.” To say: “Found XX events within YY miles of ZZZZZZ” where ‘YY miles’ would be from the radio button and ‘ZZZZZ’ would be the address or postal code.

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Add a waiting list feature to events

Right now we're still cobbling together eventbrite with nationbuilder. Adding this function would make us more likely to stay Nationbuilder customers.

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Name & Slug Syncing

When you change the Name or headline in a blog post, the slug doesn't change with it. It would be really helpful if the slug would mirror the wording in the Name.

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It would be fantastic if blog post auto-saved, just like Google docs does. Several times I've lost work because of an interrupted internet connection. Huge bummber! Thanks for your hard work! Loving NationBuilder! 



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Email Blast Partitioned Delivery

It would be wonderful to offer a feature on the email blasts preview page that allows you to schedule a mailout with a built in stagger. Where an email blast being sent out to 50k contacts can be sent out in bunches of 10k every few minutes after the scheduled time. This will help with email deliverability.

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State-specific political party criteria

In Massachusetts, the green-rainbow party is the state affiliate of the Green Party of the US (GPUS). We could really use  a filtering criteria choice for our state's political designations and parties. I wasn't sure how to do this otherwise.

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Be able to transfer your own number into Nationbuilder

In the event that you have your own number for your business and want to migrate this number int Nationbuilder it would be great if it was possible.

This would allow for the purchase of a "vanity" number through a third party so it aligns with your organization (instead of a random number) for example 555 NB rocks (6276857).

Additionally there would be the possibility of having a toll free number 1-855 NB Rocks as the transfer of any number would not limit access to toll free ones.  An add-on package the same as texting would allow for the payment of the toll free minute charges.


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Rich Text Box for 'Survey' Full Question Field

We use rather long and complex questions on our surveys and really need it to be a rich text field, so we can add spacing, formatting and links to the questions.  This is really important in our case.  Please let me know what is feasible.  Thanks !!!

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