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Add Stripe Recurring Billing

Happy to see that Stripe was recently added as a payment gateway.

Requesting that Stripe's recurring billing option be added :)

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Keep public profiles limited to the site(s) of signup

We run several sites for several projects on a single nation. Some had public profiles turned on, others off.

It appears that sites that have public profiles turned on would then show all signups in the nation, no matter what site these people used to join and no matter whether public profiles were enabled or disabled in the respective settings of that original site.

We now had to switch public profiles off on all sites as an emergency measure. 

Now my feature request is: Can we have a setting that would allow public profiles for a site but only for people who actually signed up on that particular site?

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Print Hard Copies of Petitions

After creating an online petition, it would be really useful to be able to print a branded, hard copy version for use while knocking doors or leaving in shops etc. 

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Better WYSIWYG editor and media upload/management

The content creation workflow is pretty horrendous.

It would be great if there was a better media upload and media management experience within the WYSIWYG editor for each content section.

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Analytics tab

In the blue menu bar it would be more than handy to have a basic analytics section.

Whether that is pulling in data from Google/Bing/etc.

Or, data from various user actions across the site with the ability to break this down by time/specific actions.

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Page type - sitemap

A sitemap page type (not .xml) would be a great addition for SEO + usability.

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Default social sharing settings

Currently, I think the only way to manage social sharing experience is to edit each page individually. It would be great if there was the option to change the default on a site wide basis.

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Email themes section

Currently, I believe the only way to access email themes is to create and edit an email blast. It would be great if there was an email themes section separate to having to go through the above process.

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It would be great if we could have more options for user permissions on a micro scale.

So, add/edit/remove to themes, access to add/edit/remove domains, add/edit/remove email themes, allow export, etc.

Additionally, the ability to define user permissions on a website level.

So the ability to define access to different websites to permission groups or users.

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Can we have something like a change log?

It seems that many changes to NationBuilder themes or the admin area appear without any kind of announcement – unless they are significant new features.

It would be useful for NB Experts and Architects to get notified about bug fixes and smaller changes.

I'm well aware of the respective blogs for Experts, Architects and Developers, but this request is for a more detailed change log. 


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Restrict website permissions to specific users

There should be a way to restrict website permissions to specific users so that if I have multiple websites, different people can have permissions to manage the websites they maintain but not the other sites in the nation.

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Display outgoing auto-response text messages on a person's profile stream

Outgoing auto-response text messages should be added to the person's profile stream. They are not at the moment. They should because without it only one half of the conversation (incoming text messages) are being recorded, leading to a fractured record of communication.

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Allow multiple Memberships (self and/or gifts) to be associated to a single donation

Sometimes, a donation is made for multiple memberships. Currently, the system only allows you to specify a single recipient of that membership. The system should allow multiple memberships to be associated with that donation.

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{{ donation.billing_address.phone }} should be text, not a number

{{ donation.billing_address.phone }} renders telephone numbers that begin with 0 incorrectly. They should be not rendered as a number, but as text.

For example: 020 123 456 78 renders as 10 123 456 78, which is not a telephone number in the UK.

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Contact Page- Drop Down Box to Select Category of Message i.e. General, Press Inquiry etc.

To meet the needs of our supporters in a timely and effective way we would like for them to be able to self select where the message needs to be directed. Is it a general e-mail, a press inquiry or perhaps something else? When they make a selection we would like it to be able redirect their message to a point person who is responsible for that type of inquiry. For example a press inquiry would be redirected to our PR person, a general inquiry would go to a site admin etc.

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Please add "Send Test Donation Receipt" button to Donation Settings > Autoresponse

Email blasts have a Save and preview button, and a they also have a Send Test Email button:

I wish donation receipts  had a "Send Test Donation Receipt" button at the Donation Settings > Autoresponse screen similar to Send Test Email button on email body. It would be so helpful!

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Saving email blasts

Please add an autosave function to email blasts. At least add a simple "save" button that allowed you to continue to work, instead of "save and preview" which takes you to the preview page, would be helpful.

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Donation Pages - selecting an amount should clear "other" field and vice versa

Currently, if you have an amount selected (via radio button) and then type in an "other" amount, it process the donation as the "other" amount. Having the 'other' field automatically clear out when an amount is selected and having a button be de-selected when the 'other' field is filled in would be ideal.

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Finance Filter should show sum of donations

Finance Filter page should show total of donations alongside total number of donors.

Right now I have to export a CSV, open in Excel, fix an encoding problem using find/replace, and then add up the donations.

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Adding federal,state and local district options in regular import drop down list

Please add Federal, State and Local district options in the drop down list for regular import. Non-US customers don't have the option for voter file import, so we must manually import. Which means dual importing.

It's several extra steps that could be avoided if you just added those three options in the drop down list for regular imports.

Official response from planned

Thanks so much for the suggestion. We're actually planning to unify all of our imports into one interface. Completing that project should remove the extra steps for you. 

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