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Please bring back yearly membership autorenewals

Back in July, NB disabled the feature allowing for yearly autorenewals and replaced it with a monthly schedule. 

This is a big problem for small organizations. Lets say a group charges $15 for annual member dues. PayPal takes 2.9% (or 2.2% for nonprofits) plus .30 per transaction, so a $15 yearly donation costs the org $0.74 in processing fees. 

Now when you look at the autorenewal plan on a monthly basis, it gets really crazy. Split that $15 into 12 payments of 1.24, each costing $0.34, and the yearly cost to the group is $4.08.

So, the question is, are autorenewals worth the 27% markup? 

The rationale I've heard was that people's credit card info changed too frequently and monthly was the way to go, but that doesn't apply to small groups using PayPal express, who never keep donors' credit info on file. 

Automatically renewing memberships are critical to the long-term sustainability of member-based organization. There is no substitute for a steady, dependable revenue stream. When member dues are current, the group (and the Nation that hosts it) will grow faster. Only the payment processor is benefiting under the current configuration, and I urge NationBuilder to bring back the yearly "set it and forget it" option. 

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Volunteer Access to One Page Only

We really need to have our volunteers to have their own webpage in which that is the ONLY page they have access to.  We're using NB for a community radio station and we want each person who does a show to have their own webpage as part of our site.  But to give them that page means they have access to other parts of our site. 

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My invoices from Nation Builder should in my local currency and marked as such

Invoices from Nation Builder to the owner of a nation don't state the currency they are in!

And preferably they should be in the local currency of the owner.

At the very least the invoices should say USD after the invoice amount.

Please fix.

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Allow a user to upload a file

From what I can tell, it is not possible right now for a user of your nation to upload a file to their profile. I was wondering if I am just missing something or if there is a way to do this? My nation is trying to connect users to employers and having the ability to upload a resume would be pretty nice.

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Please make affiliate links work for the emails!

I am shocked that they don't work in Nationbuilder emails.  All of my services from Nationbuilder have been 100% satisfactory up until I learned that my affiliate links will not work in a nationbuilder email blast.    

My workaround is to make a blog post with the same content as the email, and have all the links in the email go to the blog post.  The links in the blog post are the affiliate trackable links.  

I am sure that there is a solution for this - please  engineer one ASAP!  The reason I am told that they do not work is due to the automatic tracking function built into NB emails.  It is not compatible with other tracking systems. 



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Automatic receipt emails for each recurring transaction, and an automatic annual receipt

Essentially as above - it would be extraordinarily helpful if NationBuilder could generate an automatic email confirmation of each successful recurring transaction, and also an automatic annual total receipt for donors' tax purposes.

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Update PayFlo API to allow exchange of email data

NationBuilder currently doesn't exchange email data with PayFlo when donors sign up for a regular giving plan.

As PayFlo is capable of issuing automatic receipt emails for recurring donations - whereas NationBuilder currently can't - updating the API to allow for PayFlo to receive email data of donors would allow for donors to be receiving confirmation of their transactions.

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Add a space to check boxes for tags on a suggestion

I'm using a suggestion box to build a knowledge base for a site. It would be helpful to provide a series of tags underneath this content box to check off the relevant tags.

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Map "who can see" page settings to "permission sets" for "people"

The configurable permission sets are great, but they'd be even more powerful if, once created, new permission setting roles were added to individual page settings ("who can view this page") -- that would add a simple and rich method of content access control. 

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Add Free Form to Events for special considerations

We have an event coming up and the donors will get to choose their meal, and who they want to sit with. Can we add a free form or additional options to the events? 

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Support for PIN Payments bank account type

Hi There,

My clients would like to use PIN Payments as their preferred payment provider. Can you please integrate support for PIN Payments and their API..



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Indicate what event a contact was about

You know how from a supporter profile you can RSVP them with a drop-down list of events?

Imagine if you could use a similar list to indicate what a phone call was about. Let's say you want to call a hundred people about a particular event. You can then indicate not only the call purpose, medium, and outcome, but relate it to a specific event. 

This would be good for future reference (knowing what event someone was called about) and also for recruiting for events, as it would make it easier to do filtering operations related to that event.

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Exportable .csv for broadcaster emails

Being able to export stats from /broadcasters/[x]/mailings would allow a lot of people to run a lot of different kinds of analyses.

The Author/slug/sent/etc.... info is a great start, and there would be a lot of benefit in being able to export subject lines, date, time, # of donors, spam %, and other valuable stats into a .csv file that appears in a similar format to what's in /mailings. 

Then, of course, being able to set how far back in time to go with the export would be great too.

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Link to MeetUp group member profiles, not just MeetUp profiles for People

If I paste in a MeetUp member profile from one of the groups I manage:

East Bay Cohousing - Berkeley/Oakland/Emeryville/SF

Berkeley, CA
3,204 Future Neighbors and Cohousers

Imagine lively people-scaled  communities dotting the San Francisco Bay Area - places co-created by their residents for raising kids, for  retirement, for growing food or simp...

Next Meetup

Housing for All: From Homeless Encampments to Tiny House Eco...

Monday, Mar 2, 2015, 6:00 PM
27 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

NB converts it to the generic MeetUp profile, which is much less helpful and lacks the context and questions, and sometimes doesn't even show which groups the person is a member of:


It would be much more valuable if:

(a) NB retained the pasted URL, including the part with the group.

(b) NB could have multiple MeetUp profiles per person, one per group, perhaps limited to Groups that I've entered as Organizations of type "MeetUp Group".

(c) NB would track the group membership as a Relationship: Member of __ - ideally automatically add Prospects, appropriately tagged, as members join the group.

(d) When clicking "Send a MeetUp" message on a person's Dashboard, it should go to send a message via that group, which MeetUp then highlights in the messages area, making it more l likely to be opened than a message sent generically from any other MeetUp user.

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Separate the date from the time in exports

You should have separate cells for the date and the time when you export donation information to excel, in fact you should have custom report formats in which you should be able to choose what information you need when exporting donations, but you should at the very least export the date differently from the time.

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Add additional options for recurring donations like weekly, quarterly and annually

We would like to additional options for recurring donations including weekly, quarterly and annually. Many of our donors who also get corporate matching funds have to fill out a form for each donation. This makes monthly donations cumbersome. If they had a quarterly or annual option then they would only have to fill it out 1 or 4 times a year. Also, for small organizations, simply doing an annual donation and then setting up a "reminder" can be very time consuming.

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A way to run an auction either through the donation page or moneybomb or something totally new.

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Donation tracking code --> stripe description

Stripe transactions have a field called description, that is left with a 'null' value by NationBuilder transactions. It is therefore impossible to determine the source or type of transaction from the stripe side.

It would be awesome if the donation tracking code value was poked into the description field on the stripe side.

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Allow front end users to sync up their event with Facebook and Meetup pages they have already made.

A lot of our supporters are extremely Facebook literate and often make event pages for things they are doing locally. Their events they host often correlate with the vision and purpose of our organization and we would like them to be able to sync up this information without having us do it for them in the back-end when they add their event to our events page.

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