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Municipal District Filter

When filtering "people" there doesn't seem to be a way to filter per municipal district (in Canada).  The filter options only include US voting districts.

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Ticket sale receipts should not say "donation"

When we set up an event and sell tickets the buyer gets an autoreply receipt. That receipt thanks them for their donation, does not refer to their purchase of tickets, nor the number of tickets purchased. This has caused some confusion among some supporters.

Could ticket sales generate a differently worded receipt? At minimum thank them for buying tickets; ideally identifying how many tickets they've bought?

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Code Insert

Add code insert functionality similar to "code insert" plugin for wordpress. This will make it much easier to add tracking cookies / pixels etc to nationbuilder without changing the theme. 

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Add automatic style inlining to email editor

One of the main issues with email templates is that the <head> styles are stripped by many clients. That means if emails are to be consistent then you have dumb down the template to a very low common denominator.

If the editor would automatically inline those styles our templates could account for many more styling specifics and allow for tempaltes/wrappers that pre-define styles. It would also allow for more advanced use by clients via simple classing that referenced style specifics pre-coded in the wrapper. As it is now users must recode hundreds of style specifics inline within the body of each blast. 

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Blast email opened by cell phone doesn't count as opened unless images shown

An email blast from Nation Builder does not count as "Opened" if the user opens it with a cell phone and does not show images.

Those email recipients who show up as "Unopened" may in fact have seen the email.  We were going to phone call the "unopened" recipients, but we can't be sure that they haven't seen the email.  In short, the statistic "opened" is inaccurate.

In today's culture more and more users use cell phone as their primary means of viewing email.  And more often than not, the user does not show images unless it's important and they're in a WIFI environment, so save on data.

This feature should be updated to match the world of today!


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Are Liquid Drops available?


Does NB yet provide this functionality? https://github.com/Shopify/liquid/wiki/Introduction-to-Drops


Drops let you provide the user with custom functionality. They are very much like a standard Ruby class, but have all unused and potentially dangerous methods removed. From the user's perspective a drop acts very much like a Hash, though methods are accessed with dot-notation as well as element selection. A drop method cannot be invoked with arguments. Drops are called just-in-time, thus allowing you to lazily load objects.

Official response from

Liquid Drops are defined in the NationBuilder code, not by users. That's how all the liquid theme variables are generated that are available in the templates.

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Follow Up Reminder

I am wondering if NationBuilder is able to remind a follow up on an external online calendar service, i.e. Google Calendar or Outlook, once a follow up is set up for a pointperson within NationBuilder? 

Official response from completed

At the moment, followups do not integrate with external services. I'll move your question to our suggestions section so our engineers know you're looking for this functionality. We routinely refer to your suggestions to improve NationBuilder. 

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Facebook Link Thumbnail nail extend across entire timeline.

If the image is 1200 X 627 or width / height ratio of 1.91:1 the image will display across the entire timeline.  Now the image displays next to the text and is very small. 

Below is where I got the dimensions.  I did double check that these sizes are still correct.



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Ability to edit "You are the new point person" email

Please add the template "You are the new point person" to the list of templates that can be edited.

Currently there is no way to edit this template (confirmed by help@nationbuilder.com, 2014/08/21)

The issue we are having is that we wish to add additional user information (twitter and fb links if they exist, and follow-up actions), some points on what to due with the contact, and make the email a lot more personable.

Adding this to the next update would be greatly appreciated,


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Ability to insert custom fields without CSS or Liquid

It would be great to be able to add custom fields to a page, event, etc. without having to modify via CSS or Liquid, such as with Google Forms. For smaller organizations like ours we don't have full time IT people with advanced CSS / Liquid skill set and having a drag / drop / insert ability would be HUGELY helpful.

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NationBuilder App

It would be great to have an app for Nationbuilder.  Specifically one that you could ID voters on. 

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Need Captcha on event submission

Finally web page spammers have got around to spamming NationBuilder calendars. I have just had to delete a dozen events of TV programme times in the Philipines from www.segreens.com.

Very soon we will be attacked by content spam scripts. Apart from closing down all user event creation what can we do? Perhaps a Captcha to complete when adding an event? Or minimum time limits between adding events?

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Log Email Blast Contacts

Nationbuilder should log email blast contacts automatically in supporter profiles.

The only way blasts are logged is through batch update. This is problematic and time consuming when you are sending 15-16 emails per week.

Logging email blast contacts would bring this contact method in line with other methods that are tracked on supporter profiles automatically:

  • Autoresponse emails
  • 1 to 1 emails received
  • 1 to 1 emails sent

When viewing the list of automated contact methods it seems silly that email blasts are not tracked.

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PC per dollar donated

Would love to be able to assign a PC value for each dollar donated.

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Exporting Tags in multiple Cells in Excel rather than just one

Is there anyway when exporting to export tags in separate columns rather than all tags in just one columns, can you change formats for export/ decided what will be exported? 

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Records Should Always Merge 'Into' The Highest ID

When using the automated method of merging records, the record with the highest ID number should automatically be the record that's being merged 'into'.

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Potential Matches - Add 'These are all the same person' Button

When there is more than one potential match for a record, the 'None of these are the same person' button is available. There should also be a 'These are all the same person' button so all the records can be merged at once.

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Make it possible to move phone #s into another field while doing a merge

We have a number of duplicate contacts for which we have two different phone numbers. I'd like to merge them, but the interface forces me to select a home phone #. I would rather make one be the home phone and push the other into office phone so we don't lose the alternate phone number.

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Toggle/sort pages on Website menu

On the website main page, where all the pages are, it would be nice to be able to toggle/sort the pages categories (slug, name, type, etc.).


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Suggestion box "picture" should automatically upload as meta image

When users make a suggestion and add a picture, this picture should automatically become the suggestion's social media image so that when you prompt them to share the picture is appended. 

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