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Update paths from call view

There should be a way for callers using call view to update paths. This could be accomplished by making "paths" viewable via call view, or through automating path activity from logging calls (i.e. if call is logged as meaningful interaction it triggers movement to a particular step). Ideally both of these things.

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Checkboxes for data to be exported

When exporting "people" data, ALL the info about each exported person is included in the exported file.  That's cool and all, but once a .csv is imported into Excel (or equivalent software), we usually have to do a lot of deleting columns of data we don't need/want.

Might it be possible to offer users the ability to specify which columns of data they want to export?  Maybe a list of checkboxes, with one checkbox for each data column?  Thanks!

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Create option for "one-time" paths which once completed can't be automatically created again

Our volunteer recruitment strategy involves first getting volunteer prospects to attend a volunteer event. Regular volunteer also attend the same event.

We have an "attend an event" path for getting volunteer prospects to attend their first event. It would be great if we could automate event RSVP and Attendance to move them to a new step on the path -- but if we do this it will also put our regular volunteers (who have already completed this path) back on the the "attend an event path".

Would be awesome if there was an option when creating a path to choose "one-time path" option which would not allow path to be automatically recreated on a person who has already completed the path

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Updating Steps in Paths - Please allow all the fields to be updated at the same time.

Hello there, 

My organization (slug: inneractivist) uses Paths constantly throughout the day and we are always updating steps and due dates.

Is there a way to configure the update step drop down menu so that you can update 1) the step 2) the point person AND 3) the due date at one time?  

We rarely change point people, but we are always shifting due dates and steps. Right now, we have to do this in three steps which is pretty arduous = 1) change the step + point person 2) save 3) go back into the drop down and change the date. Lots of room for error here if staff are moving quickly. It would be great to have access to all the fields at the same time. 


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Salutation (Prefix and Suffix)

Hi there, please add salutation liquid back to your liquid option. After countless of testing, you've finally admitted that the liquid doesn't work and removed them off the user guide, but can you add this feature back in as priority? It is really important to have prefix or suffix addressed in blast emails. Thanks heaps! {{ recipient.prefix }} {{ recipient.suffix }}

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Adding survey responses to paths

It would be very practical to be able to add people who responded to a specific question in a survey (with a particular response) to a path. 

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Adding survey responses to paths

It would be very practical to be able to add people who responded to a specific question in a survey (with a particular response) to a path. 

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Add Custom Fields to Donation Notification Emails

The custom donation fields should be included in the notification emails. I saw that there's a feature request to customize these emails ( but even before that's done it should automatically include the custom fields. They automatically show up on the donation form once you create the field so they should automatically show up in the email. And then the linked feature request would let you further customize or remove them.

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Autodistricting based on Canadian Postal Codes

Right now autodistricting in Canada requires a full address. But most postal codes are tiny so autodistricting could be done on that basis. Can you make that possible?

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Tribute Donations

It would be great to have an option where you could gift donations or make tribute donations to passed loved ones and the email could be chosen and they would be notified by the assigned email address with a card or the like with the autoresponse.

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More Functionality For Events

It would be great to have the ability to customize event types, and then be able to go back and pull a list of folks that engaged with that event. Also to have more options than just "RSVP", and "Attended" that way it could be used in the following example:

John signs up to attend a phone bank, I can create a "phone bank" event and mark John as a "Sign Up". I can then have my organizers and volunteers call through all the actions that happen on a particular days "sign ups" and change their status to any of the following; confirmed, declined, left message, confirmed twice, rescheduled, etc. 

Then the action happens, john, who was confirmed to show up does, his friend joan had also signed up but didn't show up. The organizers or volunteers can now take our sign in sheet and update that event with any of the following statuses: completed, no show, partial shift, attended, etc.

What this allows me as the field director (or any of my organizers) to do is the following;

I can easily pull a list of who showed up to 3+ phonebanks in the last Month, six months, or whatever time interval I decide. At the same time I can pull a list of all the people that attended data shifts in the last week to come back next week. I can also pull a list of all my no shows and call to recommit them to another date. I could then hopefully see on any one persons profile a detailed history of their interaction with my organization. How many different actions they came to, what kind of actions they came to, how many they said they'd show up to but didn't, a complete and full history. 

I will also say this is my 8th campaign and the first I've ever used NationBuilder on, and I am at every turn disappointed at the lack of depth in a lot of the basic functionality. I hope this suggestion is an easy one for ya'll to implement, it carries loads of power and is critical to the work we do. For now we are using tags to accomplish the same, I have yet to figure out a clean way to use tags that is not sloppy and doesn't over time generate novels of hard to read and search through data. I think tags could be useful, if these tools, essentially an activity tracker and confirm call process enabler could be created for NB. Thanks so much, I'm happy to be part of the process of implementing something of this nature and am more than happy to provide more detail and answer any questions.

Would also be stoked if there are others out there that are desiring this same update and if so what have your work arounds been? Thanks all! Cheers!

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Top Nav - Always Changes when new page is added.

When we create a new page on the website, our Top Navigation will re-arrange itself and we have to go back in and fix it ALL THE TIME!


Please FIX!

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'unsubscribe' nowhere in email blast!

Many bounces I'm seeing in the bounces listing of an email blast say things like:

554 5.7.1 [P4] Message blocked due to spam content in the message. I am in the process of removing everything I can from email themes and content that might indicate SPAM.   One thing that remains is the clear text 'unsubscribe' in the URL of the unsubscribe link which I will NOT remove (I feel I must have it in there at the top and bottom of the email).

So would it be possible to copy the current ~/unsubscribe resource in NB to a resource named something like ~/depart so that SPAM engines will never see the word 'unsubscribe', in our emails, even in a link?

To be truthful, if I were programming the SPAM engine for an email server (and I have in the dark past) one of the first words I'd be parsing for in an incoming email would be the word 'unsubscribe' anywhere in text or in a link, but especially in a link!  You might copy the current liquid directive to something like {{ }} for those of us who prefer to use this method, if it becomes available.  

Thanks for your kind help with your guidance to help all of us use best practices to get our message out while honoring the needs of the industry.

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Don't import cc'ed addresses when receiving emails on an email broadcaster

Current, NB allows a Nation to import emails received at an email address.  This is a great way to automatically capture people who are interacting with your organization.  However, I have noticed that NB also imports anyone who was also CC'ed on these incoming emails.  This should be a functionality that we can turn on or off.  

Clearly, there will be cases where we would definitely NOT want to import people who are cc'ed on an incoming email.  Better yet, if NB could hold the incoming emails in a staging area, we could indicate those for which we'd want the sender, the CC's or both imported.


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Please give back "assigned to me" function -

Hi team - paths and goals are amazing! Great work, seriously. BUT in order to get people to take on the tasks it would be SOOOOOO much better for people to be able to easily click into their ppl, or paths, etc and go to town. If you have to click into the paths menu which isnt super intuitive yet, its easy to miss what's been assigned to you, and what you need to be doing. Just a thought, and I am sure I'll get used to it eventually, but its one of the few times I feel like something was taken away that should be brought back. Most times I realise you guys have thought of this a million times, and have worked the actual best way to do things, but Im not 100% sure on this one - happy to hear alternate thoughts here ;-)

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recurring donor end of year tax receipt

we have several sustaining donors and would like to be able to easily generate receipts for anyone who has donated more than once over the course of the year so that they have a comprehensive receipt (and we can say thanks again).

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Automatically put the results of a filter on a path

It would be essential to be able to put results of filters automatically to specific paths and steps(or our choosing in the settings of the filter). Then, and then only, will paths become a true powerful tool. 

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Be able to edit the .pdf donation/ticket receipts issued by NB

I don't know if this feature suggestion has already been submitted, but it is important for my organization to be able to edit the content of the .pdf receipt which is created with various financial transactions on NB.  It would be advisable to have separate editable templates for each type of transaction.  e.g. The default .pdf receipt for a ticket purchase still talks about a "donation" - something which makes no sense in most cases.


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localization security on the admin login page

It would useful to restrict the admin login page based on the localization security. So not everyone can share the admin page.



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Scheduled / Recurring Batch Edits

It would be great if batch edits could be scheduled through a simple cron job / scheduler. Tags seem to be the most reliable way to add data about a users actions in NationBuilder, and are often the only way through external services like 123 Contact Forms. This is great from a developer perspective because you are just writing to the tag array, but not so good for the end user. Tags get messy fast.

With new custom people fields available to all users it seems this issue of messy tags could be cleaned up by allowing people to use existing batch edit system, but with a scheduling functioning. This could be a really simple feature and would be incredibly powerful not just for keeping people section clean; you could even use it to dynamically batch edit people when certain parameters are hit. 

For instance if user tag_list contains 'blogger' and they have over 100sc, put them on custom path to reach out to and request an article on their blog.

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