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NationBuilder Enterprise Solutions

The team is here to help you build solutions that ease your transition onto the platform, increase adoption, and give you the tools to achieve your goals. Work with a Solution Consultant to plan and execute your strategic vision and technical implementation. We will set clear project milestones, facilitate communication with external vendors, and work hand in hand with you to ensure that important deadlines are met. Whether you need help with data, training, or the rollout of essential features, we are here to assist.

Data Consultation and Import – A NationBuilder Services Engineer will review your data and make recommendations for how to clean, standardize, and import it so that you get the most out of NationBuilder on day one.

Email Delivery Consultation – Includes summary of recommendations, filter suggestions, audience segmentation guidance, opt-in strategies, list cleaning best practices, custom unsubscribe page, optional dedicated IP address.

Front End Implementation Support – Help getting your website up and running on NationBuilder. Our team will provide support as you implement your website and email themes.

Workflow Consultation – Learn how to get the most out of NationBuilder. Our team will help to identify and implement the features you need to meet your goals.

Product Training NationBuilder Services Engineers lead in-person trainings at your HQ or ours. Training courses are designed to give participants hands-on experience working with NationBuilder.

Network Implementation – Execute your digital strategy at scale. NationBuilder Services Engineers can create your networked nations, load them with data, and configure features across your entire network.

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A la carte services

These services may be purchased independently from an onboarding package. Pricing may be subject to an initial scoping and is available upon request. Contact us to get started with a quote.

Data services

Standard data
  • People
  • Memberships
  • Donations
  • Voter Files
  • Vote History
Data deduplication
  • Identify matching heuristics to merge likely duplicates
Custom data
  • Relationships
  • Prior Events and Attendance
  • Contact History
  • Action History
  • Profile Notes
  • Petition Signatures
  • Mass Data Updates
  • Mass Data Deletions (e.g. tags, donations)
  • Custom Exports
  • Deduplication

Theme implementations

  • Migration of existing website and/or pages to NationBuilder theme
  • Color and brand customizations
  • Homepage layout customizations
  • Splash page customizations
  • Custom email templates
  • Email template migrations
  • Color and brand customizations
Walk sheets
  • Create custom walk sheets
  • Action page layout customizations
  • Form customizations

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