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Additional cases where this is relevant:

1) The broadcaster email is primarily used outside of NationBuilder, “receive incoming email for this address” is unchecked, and emails are still getting recorded in the nation.

2) Email is being received in the nation, and a contact cc’s people on emails they send to the broadcaster. When the control panel users go to send out email to prospects, they find that they are emailing contacts unintentionally with whom they have no affiliation.

While this can be avoided by email targeting based on how contacts were added to the nation, it can be concerning for users who anticipate contacts only existing in their nations by personal subscription or intentional import.

It has been specifically troublesome for one case where a user was sending spam emails to the broadcaster, and cc’d random other contacts on these spam messages. All cc’d contact were then brought into the nation as prospects.
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This issue has been resolved!
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