What are NationBuilder's SSL offerings for websites?

What are NationBuilder's SSL offerings for websites? I've observed that secure pages are becoming a standard across the web. Some browsers like Google Chrome will even throw up an error when trying to access non-SSL pages. I would like to know what NationBuilder can do to allay my concerns.

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As you have observed, it is becoming a standard across the web for all pages to be SSL secured. It sounds like Google is moving in that direction. NationBuilder is too. At the moment, NationBuilder can offer SSL on all websites as long as they are not using a custom domain. Therefore, if you used https://[slug].nationbuilder.com/* without the custom domain, you could enjoy SSL on all of your pages on the website. If you choose to use a custom domain, you can still enjoy SSL encryption, but just on the donation, login and control panel pages which use SSL on the https://[slug].nationbuilder.com format. These pages are secured so that sensitive information on this site (for example, passwords or credit cards), are not stolen by attackers.

Now that said, NationBuilder is working on a way to offer SSL on all websites, including those that use a custom domain. However, at the moment, the process to accomplish this is cost-prohibitive. Therefore, we can only offer custom domain SSL as an add-on if you're using one of NationBuilder's Enterprise or Network plans.

In the future, it is a priority of our Product team to find a way to make SSL available and affordable for all NationBuilder websites with custom domains. If you are interested in following this process, please follow the public issue on custom domain SSL.


Public Issue: Support for SSL Certificates

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Complete and current information on how to use NationBuilder is available in the documentation section.

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