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Applications in this directory use NationBuilder APIs with our community organizing system or provide other valuable services to our customers. Inclusion on this page is not an endorsement or warranty by NationBuilder.

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NationBuilder is nonpartisan, however, that is not the case for all political software. Tags below indicate services that work only with certain ideologies.

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- Your NationBuilder data is enriched automatically

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Accurate Append - Data enhancements

Accurate Append provides high-quality data enhancements to connect you with your supporters and customers (U.S. only).

  • Verify existing emails and identify your good addresses
  • Add verified emails and premium phone numbers to your lists
  • Match your lists to key demographics such as income and education level
  • Simply give us your NationBuilder list name and enhancements flow to your nation automatically
  • Pricing: (each) $0.01 verified email; $0.12 appended email; $0.06 appended phone; $0.06 demographics.
  • Contact: Steve McGavran ·

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ImportOmatic - Data integration for The Raiser's Edge

ImportOmatic is a universal import tool for The Raiser's Edge used by more than 1,000 nonprofits to streamline external data integration seamlessly into The Raiser's Edge. Eliminate data entry and enhance your Raiser's Edge with ImportOmatic for NationBuilder and nearly any additional data source.

  • Advanced constituent matching and duplicate checking - you define it, we match on it
  • Unlimited custom templates to import from nearly any file
  • Automatic data clean up and standardization
  • Address processing, data translation, and more
  • Pricing: Based on Raiser's Edge user license level and training needs - ask for special discounts for NationBuilder customers.
  • Contact: Baird Hall · 888.662.8426 ext. 710 ·

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ActionSprout - Turn Facebook fans into email opt-ins

Engage people inside Facebook with social actions that capture people and add them to your nation when they complete the actions. Quickly and easily convert your high performing Facebook posts into lists of contactable people.

  • Pricing: Starts at $25/mo (Based on fan count)
  • Contact: Shawn Kemp · · (866) 298-1739

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ActionSprout website →

123FormBuilder - Custom website forms

123FormBuilder powers custom forms that send data to NationBuilder targeted using People tags.

  • Create web forms and surveys
  • Monitor results in real time
  • Grow your nation with people data on the fly
  • Pricing: Free! NationBuilder integration included with all plans.
  • 20% discount on all paid plans for NPOs and educational institutions
  • Contact: Laura Moisei ·

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SendHub - Voice and texting solutions

SendHub is a fully functional out of the box cloud-based phone system. An ideal solution for small and medium sized organizations looking for a cost effective, flexible and scalable unified phone application set up in minutes - yes minutes!

  • Make and receive high quality voice calls on any device, with enhanced features such as auto attendant, call transfer and more
  • Get FREE local and toll-free business phone numbers in minutes
  • Best-in-class messaging from any device, including group texting and SMS file sharing
  • Custom API Integrations for Notifications and Alerts
  • Pricing: Free to $150 per month based on usage requirements - ask for NationBuilder customer specials
  • Contact: SendHub Partnerships · 650-830-5667 ·

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Veracity Mapper - Visualize your support

You've got a strong campaign, with hundreds or thousands of supporters and dozens of endorsements. But you can't just list everyone on a webpage: you need to show the strength of your campaign. We've built an OFA-style mapping tool for NationBuilder that visualizes your support (endorsements, supporters, petition signatures, or donors) on a dynamic, interactive map. Our tool shows new users instantly after they endorse, sign, or donate. Our mapper is fully customizable, and also works with events.

Veracity Mapper website →

Discourse Analytics - Data-driven insights

It's not just about the data. It's about harnessing the data to enable engaging and meaningful conversations with the people in your nation. Your nation is made up of diverse individuals and we help you determine what attracts and drives these people to your campaign or cause. Use these data-driven insights to hyper-target your message, enhance connectivity and increase activation.

  • Let the people in your nation express their views by answering over 125 professionally written questions
  • Integrate with web, mobile and Facebook
  • Model and predict audience preferences across 8 key issue drivers
  • Take advantage of regular reporting and the ability to target interests and preferences at an individual level
  • Pricing: Starts at $500 a month; $7,500 a month for modeling of 250,000 people.
  • Contact: Louis Aronson ·

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Magellan Strategies - Polling and data modeling

Magellan Strategies provides data-driven products and services to Republican campaigns and conservative organizations so they can make better decisions in the political arena. Our services include:

  • Polling and survey research, using live, online and automated interview methods
  • Live and online focus group and community research
  • Data modeling, microtargeting, predictive analytics, and partisan voter scoring services
  • Voter demographic and election return reports
  • Large wall maps with political data and statistics
  • Pricing: Automated surveys start at $3,000, online $4,500, live $8,500; microtargeting projects generally range from $30,000-$75,000. Call for detailed pricing.
  • Contact: David Flaherty · · 303-861-8585

Magellan Strategies website

Moball - Community fundraising & marketing

Moball builds apps for IPhone and Android that integrate with your NationBuilder web content automatically. Taking your community mobile with Moball empowers you to create and deliver powerful messages direct to the palms of your nation. It's a fantastic way of marketing, fundraising and strengthening community.

Watch the video:

Moball video link

  • Be exciting in your messages - include photographs, video, vouchers, donation buttons, linked phone numbers and web addresses allowing your community instant options to react. That is, immediate response to marketing campaigns, fundraising or news
  • Be specific - push out rich messages to a specific geographical area enabling incredibly powerful location-based marketing
  • Go interactive - allow user generated content 'on-the-go' to engage your community and drive new revenue opportunities
  • Don't worry - We'll teach you how to market and use your app - with unlimited support
  • Pricing: Special for NationBuilder customers only - $1,995 setup includes both Android and iPhone + $195 a month for smaller communities, or $295 for growing communities (unlocks advanced location marketing options)
  • Contact: Mark Dunlap · · (312) 924-1056

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Targeted Engagement - Digital advertising

NationBuilder's customers now have instant access to the political geo-targeting, voter data, and reporting capabilities that power presidential campaigns. By using Targeted Engagement's intuitive self-service product, conservative campaigns can persuade and mobilize users with Banner Display and PreRoll video advertisements on a host of over 2,000 premium content websites, as well as reach voters browsing Facebook with FBX ads.

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Audience Partners - Ad retargeting for your website

Audience Partners is the market leader in data-driven audience targeted digital advertising across online video, display, mobile, social and search.

  • Retarget website visitors with display advertising to re-engage and increase conversions (email sign-ups, volunteers, donations, etc.) right from your NationBuilder website
  • Drive traffic to your site through online video, display, mobile, social and search advertising with politically defined audiences (party affiliation, propensity to vote, district, demographics, etc.)
  • Pricing: A minimum investment of $500/month is recommended for retargeting campaigns

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Care2 Connector - Supporter recruitment is among the largest social action platforms on the web. We help nonprofits and political campaigns recruit valuable supporters from our global audience of 24 million members. Care2's API with NationBuilder enables us to deliver your new supporters automatically into NationBuilder.

  • Pricing: The API is free, costs for Care2's supporter recruitment service vary, please contact us for a quote.
  • Contact: Eric Rardin · 703-473-2825 ·

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Spot-On - Premium local digital advertising

Premium position, local ad placement for political campaigns, advocacy and public affairs.

  • Client Control. We buy the ads voters read and heed. 
  • Superior Performance. Spot-On campaigns have an average click-through rate of .17%.
  • Affordable AND Practical. Spot-On buys locally but we negotiate nationally
  • Pricing: Average cost of $15 per 1000 impressions; minimum budget of $7,500 recommended
  • Contact: Chris Nolan ·

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smartCommunicator - Messaging campaigns

smartCommunicator creates integrated communication campaigns that incorporate surveys and forms into phone calling, email, text, and canvassing modules, all from one platform.

  • Build integrated survey campaigns and deploy to call centers, phone-from-home, email, and mobile canvassing activities
  • Real-time reporting for all messaging modules
  • React to conversations with your nation by capturing interaction and messaging data and responding with triggered, personalized messages

smartCommunicator website

BillTrack50 - Legislative alerts for your top issues

BillTrack50 helps you track legislation on the issue most important to your nation - across all 50 states, Congress too!

  • Pricing: Starts at $500 a year, or $3,000 for unlimited issues and states
  • Contact: Karen Suhaka · 303-809-2046 ·

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Summit Political Apps - Mobile for your campaign or office

Create a personalized political campaign mobile app today! Our apps sync with your nation and come with a suite of features already packaged and ready to use by the millions of your constituents using iPhone and Android devices.

Watch the video demo:


  • Accept donations to your campaign on mobiles
  • Enlist supporters for phone banks and register new volunteers
  • Supporters can RSVP for events right inside your app
  • Pricing: $2,500 for both Android and iPhone and $50 monthly fee for unlimited push notification ability and app dashboard. Easily switch between campaign and constituent modes.
  • Contact: Stephanie Lemley · · (409) 670-7999

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CallHub - Global Voice and Text Notifications

Make phone calls and texts to your NationBuilder lists, and automatically add a tag to every person who acknowledges the message from your call or text.

  • Use CallHub for text and voice notifications, reminders, confirmations, verifications
  • Support for 200+ countries
  • Pricing: Call 1,400 people for less than $20. Pay as you go pricing.
  • Contact: · (510) 402 4173

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Telephone Town Hall Meeting - Interactive phone forums

Engage your voters, constituents and members with live, interactive phone forums.

  • A targeted dialout brings listeners into a live virtual forum.
  • Q&A with featured speakers drives the call.
  • Polling and email/cell collection produce data that integrates into your nation.

Telephone Town Hall Meeting website →

Aristotle - Federal campaign finance compliance

With Aristotle software, FEC and State Finance reports are easy to create, accurate, and fully supported 24/7 by our team of compliance representatives.

  • Dashboard Data Analysis
  • Mail Merges
  • Hand-held access
  • Mass Email Broadcasting
  • and much more to help you achieve victory ...

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Crowdtilt - Crowdfunding for your nation

Easily create a crowdfunding campaign that integrates with Nationbuilder.

  • The easiest way to convert online supporters into financial contributors by embedding your Crowdtilt campaign on your Nationbuilder page.
  • Seamless social media integration and search engine optimization for your fundraising campaign, helping you reach a larger audience.
  • Your Crowdtilt contributor data will be automatically imported as supporters of your nation.
  • Pricing: If a campaign is successful (that is, if it tilts), only a 2.5% Crowdtilt fee is charged.
  • Contact: Crowdtilt Support ·

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Crowdtilt website → Relay - Recruit supporters with petitions Relay connects your nation with the most responsive and engaged people online.

  • Grow your database of potential donors, advocates and volunteers
  • Target new supporters based on interest, location and other demographics
  • Recruit at a speed and scale not possible elsewhere
  • Pricing: A minimum investment of $5,000 USD is recommended.
  • Contact: Brenton Gieser ·

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Organizer - Mobile canvassing

Organizer provides an integrated mobile solution for field contact and data management with your NationBuilder account.

  • Take NationBuilder data into the field and send your valuable results back in real-time.
  • Build highly customizable surveys, target with advanced turf cutting, and monitor canvass progress live based on GPS.
  • No more data entry, time wasted printing paper, or lost canvassers.
  • Pricing: $29 device/month licensing, $99 device one-time setup, 10 device minimum
  • Contact: · (877) 870-7202

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Organizer website →

One Click Politics - Email advocacy

  • Rally your supporters to get your message to Congress.
  • Target legislators in many U.S. states.
  • Send messages about any topic, to any member of Congress that you select.
  • Supporter data syncs directly to NationBuilder.
  • Users never have to leave your site.

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Amicus - Organize with the social graph

Amicus is a social organizing platform that allows you to:

  • Match supporters' social graphs to Nationbuilder data.
  • Enable peer-to-peer phonebanking via a best-of-breed call tool.
  • Send peer-to-peer postcards as easily as sending an email.
  • Pricing: Monthly subscription starting at $3,500/month.
  • Contact: · (415) 309-8114

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Amicus website →

CallFire - Voice and text blasting

CallFire powers automated text and voice broadcasts for some of the biggest brands in the world.

  • Voice broadcast campaigns.
  • Short-code text blasts around the world.
  • Interactive voice surveys.
  • Automatically import contact lists from your nations.
  • Pricing: Plans start at $99/mo, or pay as you go.
  • Contact: · (213) 221-2289

CallFire website →

Mobile Commons - Text messaging campaigns

Mobile Commons provides tools to reach people on the device they use most – their mobile phones.

  • One dashboard for texts, advocacy calls and mobile web.
  • CRM back end for reporting and segmentation.
  • Syncs with your nation.
  • Pricing: Monthly platform: in the low thousands of dollars per month. Advocacy calls: cost per call.
  • Contact: Michael Sabat · · (917) 375-2652

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Mobile Commons website →

Veracity Targeter - Score your voters

A campaigns resources are limited - focusing your efforts on voters who will show up can make the difference between winning and losing. Our voter targeter takes a NationBuilder voter file, and using our custom algorithm, predicts how likely each voter is to show up to vote. You can easily upload this information back to NationBuilder and use your digital and field resources more effectively.

Veracity Targeter website →

Veracity Editor - Batch updates for blogs

Need to delete all of the blog posts on your blog? Or want to add a tag to each post? Our blog editor lets you easily change content, tags, authors, and dates for multiple blog posts at a time.

Veracity Editor website →

Veracity Wordpress Importer - Move your blog

Migrating from WordPress to NationBuilder? Our blog importer makes moving your content to NationBuilder easy. It keeps content, images, authors, tags, and publication dates. Imports from other platforms such as Joomla and Drupal are also supported.

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Veracity Importer website →

CrowdHall - Moderated Q&A events

A venue for crowd-sourced conversations with your audience.
With CrowdHall you can:

  • Be responsive with member moderated Q&A’s between your nation and up to five hosts.
  • Be inclusive and ask them questions to source the best ideas and suggestions.
  • Be efficient and embed the event on your website in order to grow your nation.
  • Further enhancements are on the way, including event synch and more.
  • Pricing: $0-100 per event based on nation size
  • Contact: Jordan Menzel · · (801) 943.6106

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CrowdHall website →

Distrify - Film previews and distribution

  • Turn a movie preview into a point-of-sale for movies or other merchandise right from your website.
  • Get full access to the customer data collected when people buy your products or sign up to your mailing list.
  • Customer data collected by Distrify is automatically fed into your nation, including tags indicating which products they have purchased.
  • Further enhancements are on the way, including event sync and more.
  • Pricing: NationBuilder sync is available on any paid Distrify plan, starting at £12 (approx. $20) per month.
  • Contact:

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Distrify website →

CanvassNow - Mobile canvassing with NationBuilder

  • Your data, visualized: With just a few clicks, your voter data is instantly mapped out by density.
  • Real-time updates: With contacts posted live to NationBuilder, it's easy to see where your canvassers are knocking - instantly.
  • Interactive walk lists: Your voter lists are mapped in an easy-to-use interface. When out canvassing, you'll even have directions from your current location.
  • Pricing: $0.05 per person imported. Each account can import 10 people for free to try out the app.
  • Contact: Andrew ·

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CanvassNow website →

ControlShift - Petition campaigns

  • Allow your members to create and run their own campaigns while growing your list.
  • Distributed petitions can help you split national campaigns into local chunks that members lead.
  • Data integration between ControlShift and your NationBuilder nation.
  • Pricing: Pricing is on a sliding scale to make it affordable for everyone, we offer grants of the platform to startup groups doing awesome work.
  • Contact: · (518) 207-6768

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ControlShift Labs website →

NationBuilder Theme Sync for Mac

Build your NationBuilder website theme locally, using your favorite desktop text editors to edit theme and page level templates. Changes saved are automatically synced with your nation and published live.

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NationBuilder Theme Sync for Mac website →