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We need more leaders. And better ones. Wherever you are on your path to leadership, NationBuilder Cities will equip you with valuable tools in real life—starting with scheduled events to help you build community, share stories, and gain the skills and training you need to lead in this era.

If you don't see a NationBuilder City near you, just select 'other' and we'll be in touch about opportunities to get involvedincluding how to start your own chapter! 

Upcoming events

NationBuilder users in the Los Angeles area, this is for you! As the fundraising season approaches, we're inviting anyone interested in using NationBuilder to prepare for your next campaign, or customers with questions about the product to hang together for our first user meet up at NationBuilder HQ on August 10th!

Members of the NationBuilder team will be there to answer your questions, as well as members of the NationBuilder ecosystem who are experts on the product. Most importantly, this is a great opportunity for customers to meet each other, share best practices, and support each other as you're doing incredible things in your community! 

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