Currency in profiles and filters

Social capital allows you to create an economy around the effort required to accomplish your goals. A supporter can earn or spend capital by completing actions. A control panel user can manually award or deduct capital from a profile.

Virtual currency can be renamed at Settings > Defaults > Social currency. Therefore, the name and abbreviation in your control panel may be different.

How to manually adjust capital on a profile

Award social capital individual settings

In single-person view, manually adjust capital at Social capital > Award social capital.

  1. To award capital enter a number greater than 0.00 in the “Amount” text box. To remove capital, include a negative sign before the number. 
    Award capital text boxes
  2. Include the reason capital is being awarded or spent in the “What is this for?” textbox.
  3. Click the yellow “Award social capital” button.
  4. The balance will reflect the updated amount.

Active community members can be encouraged to participate with tangible rewards, like discounted admission to an event or a free t-shirt. Manually deducting capital for these rewards is a great way to enhance your nation's economy.

Balance vs earned vs spent

Stat boxes appear at the top of a profile’s social capital section:

Stat boxes

The stat boxes indicate the current balance is 45 social capital, while 65 social capital have been earned and 19 social capital have been spent. Since capital can be earned and spent, a profile's balance does not always indicate the full history of a person's engagement. 

For example, if supporters spend capital to receive tangible rewards (e.g. t-shirts, music downloads, discounted admission to an event), the most active community members will have earned a large amount of capital and have a low balance. You can find these people using a filter:

Social capital filter

The People section can be filtered for three currency criteria:

Filter criteria Description
Social capital Sorts by balance
Social capital earned Sorts by total amount earned
Social capital spent Sorts by total amount spent

Balance sheet

The detailed history of every action a person took to spend or earn capital can be seen in the profile’s balance sheet. In single-person view, a full history of the individual’s capital exchanges is viewable at Social capital > Balance sheet.

Individual balance sheet

Every action that resulted in a change of capital is shown. The description will be created automatically for actions listed at Settings > Defaults > Social capital. For capital adjusted manually, the description will display the copy entered in the “what is this for?” textbox.

Capital, earned or spent, can be permanently removed by clicking the trash icon Trash icon

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