Filter categories

When you click on "add criteria" when creating a filter, you'll see the following:

Add criteria to a filter

You can search for a field by typing in the box at the top (indicated by an arrow) or you can click through the categories to find specific criteria. Many of these categories are available in all nations, but some are feature specific.  

Global categories

In the name category, you can search for a person by name - similar to how you would look someone up using quick search.

Tags allow you to type in comma-separated people tags. Once you start typing in the "choose tags" box, you'll see a drop-down menu of all of the people tags in your nation.

Similarly, lists allow you to type in comma-separated list names. Once you start typing in the "choose lists" box, you'll see a drop-down menu of all of the lists in your nation.

The personal category includes demographic information on people in your community, such as religion and marital status.

Contact history includes fields related to how your nation contacts a person, from point person to whether someone needs follow up to the date of the last contact.

In email, you can search for things related to people's email address including whether they're emailable, and whether the address is bad or bouncing.

In email blasts, you can search for things related to people's engagement with your email blasts, such as whether they've opened or clicked links in any blast from a given broadcaster within a specified date range, or one or more specific blasts.

The address category relates to a person's physical address. You can search for people who live on a particular street, in a city, or whose address is within a certain distance from a postal code, city, or full address. You can also search all types of addresses - primary, home, work, mailing, billing, and registered addresses.

Within phone, you can search for a phone number and whether someone can be called or texted.

The social category refers to people's social media connections, including whether they have Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn info and whether you can contact them via Twitter or Facebook.

The ID category refers to all of the unique IDs you can attach to a person. You can search for a specific ID, exclude a specific ID, or include people who have that particular type of ID.

The activity category pulls from the types of activity a supporter can take, from RSVPing for an event to leaving a voicemail to liking a Facebook post. You'll be able to search for whether a person has done a type of activity. For example, you can search for all of the people who have attended an event hosted by your organization. If you're looking for the list of attendees for a particular event, either search for the person tag you added to people who attended or go to the event page in your control panel and check Event settings > Attendees.

In the support level category, you can search for supporters, prospects, volunteers, members, and several other support and membership related fields.

The influence category includes searches related to Klout score and social capital, the currency of your nation.

The origin category refers to how a person became part of your nation. This includes recruiter, which paged they joined from, or which import added them.

Additional feature categories

If you have enabled customer features in your nation, the customer history category will be visible. You can search for active customers, number of closed and outstanding invoices, and total amount invoiced. Only people with permission to view your nation's financial records will be able to search customer history.

If you have enabled donor features in your nation, the donation history category will be included. Individual donations can be searched through the Finances section of your control panel. The options included in people advanced search are either aggregate numbers – like the number of donations and total amount donated – or narrowing criteria – like a date range or tracking code to which donations were made. Only people with permission to view your nation's financial records will be able to search donor history. 

If you have enabled voter features in your nation, the voter and voting district categories will be visible. In the voter category, you can search for whether someone is an absentee voter, early voter, or active voter. You can also search their voting history and support probability. In the voting districts category, you can search within different voting districts from the federal to the local level. 

If you are using NationBuilder Enterprise and have custom fields enabled, the custom fields category will allow you to search in your custom people fields. 

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