How do I delete a phone number?

I accidentally set up more than one virtual phone number for my nation. How do I delete the number I don't need?

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Only people with admin access to your nation can add or delete phone numbers. To add a virtual phone number to a broadcaster, you do so in the Communication tab. To delete a phone number, go to the Settings tab. In Settings > Billings & Addons > Phone Numbers, you'll see a list of the numbers currently being used by your nation. Click the trash can icon next to one of the phone numbers to delete it.


You will then be taken to a warning screen:


Deleting a phone number is an irreversible action. You will permanently lose access to this number. It will also delete all associated text messages, text blasts, and calls. To actually delete the number, you will need to type it into the text box and click on the red "I understand the consequences, delete this phone number" button. 

If you decide you do not want to delete the number, you can click through to any other area of your control panel and no changes will be made to your phone numbers.

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